How an Enterprise App Can Benefit Your Business

With over two and a half billion people predicted to be using smartphones in the next two years, we are definitely in the digital era where a mobile app is often vital to businesses.

Consider These Tips for Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

It is a common misconception among many budding real estate agents, that they will surely walk down the path to becoming a successful agent once they get their license.

Track Yourself "Stay In The Loop"

All users will be informed when their name gets mentioned on the internet.

Harry Potter & Son Onto an Unexpected Path In "The Cursed Chid"

Albus, to his horror, does get sorted into Slytherin and befriends Scorpius Malfoy.

Taxi Giant Didi Chuxing Set to Buy Uber China

The popular cab-hailing provider will now function along with Apple-backed Didi Chuxing.

Why and How to Become A Renewable Energy Entrepreneur

The alternate options for energy are often not safe or affordable, thus causing various mishaps and tempering with the balance of ecosystem. This is why renewable energy sector is rapidly growing.

Sony Playstation VR is Coming Soon and You Need Room To Play It

The PlayStation VR headset will only work with Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming console.

The Slot Machine: From Liberty Bell To Online Games

The first slot machine, also known as “one armed bandit” or “fruit machine”, as we know it today was invented by the German born Charles Frey in San Francisco, somewhere between 1887 and 1895.

WhatsApp Chats Never Get Fully Deleted And They Are Not The Only Ones

Chats on the popular messaging platform are never deleted from your device, unless you remove the app.

Sorry Haters, the New ‘Ghosbusters’ Is Pretty Awesome

The new all-female ‘Ghostbusters’ is one helluva action-comedy.

Cooper Standard: Automotive Hoses Can Be Innovative?

This was the question I had when briefed by Cooper Standard an automotive parts company that is currently growing about 1.5x the automotive parts industry due to its innovative processes and products.

LCD Display's Days Are Counted, OLED Will Be The New Norm

The latest trend in display technology will surely help your phone last longer.

Last Day to Get Your PC the Free Microsoft Windows 10 Update!

You’ll have to pay for the Windows 10 for your PC from now on.

Review: Asus ROG G752 A Could-Be Alienware Competitio

The high-end laptop is powerful but a pain to carry around.

Microsoft To Lay Off Most of Former Nokia Employees

The IT giant announced that it will cut 4700 jobs globally by the end of the year.

In Pics: What if American Rappers Were Indian

Indian Justin Bieber and desi Drake? Would they have made it big too?

‘Ithaca’ Reunites Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Again

Tom Hanks is also producing Meg Ryan’s directorial debut.

Why should you hire a lawyer for your start-up?

Lawyers don’t just know laws. They are experts in understanding and making rules.