A Comprehensive Guide On How To Check Whether Your Partner Is Cheating

Cheating partners are pesky things. Often when people begin thinking that their partner is cheating on them, they are abruptly told that they are being gooey or paranoid.

Downey Jr. Gets Fans Excited With Avengers Movie Poster

Robert Downey Jr sparked debate among fans of the superhero universe when he shared a fan-made ‘Avengers’ poster.

The digital gender divide: how gender affects our time spent online

When it comes to technology there has been a definite perception that it is only of interest to the male sex. But things are changing.

Turi: A Boost For Apple's Siri?

The Cupertino-based giant is finally stepping on the throttle in the field of machine learning and AI.

Seeking Help At Preparing An Effective Goodbye Speech

The benefits of taking help for preparing a farewell speech online from bestspeechhelp.com.

Choosing the Right Domain Name - Why It's Important

Many people make a very quick decision about the domain name that they choose. This can work for some, if they are fortunate, but for others it can be a disaster.

How to Structure a Blog Post That Gets Ranked Highly on Google

You write blog posts and wait for them to get to the first page of the Google results. But they never do. What are you doing wrong?

Torrentz.eu Throws in The Towel

After Kickass Torrents was shut down, another torrent site will no longer be available to users.

Apple's First Bug Bounty

Apple is looking to iron out any weaknesses in iOS going forward.

Leverage Instagram to Fuel Brand Promotion: A Quick Book

No one had ever imagined that a photo sharing platform one day would turn into a prime destination for marketers to promote brands.

Assignment Writing No Longer An Issue For Youngsters

Finding tutors online

Phoenix Is the Next Hot Startup Scene

The Phoenix startup scene has been blossoming over the past several years, but now things are really starting to ramp up.

Is This Really The iPhone 7 Prototype?

The first ever mock up version of the iPhone 7 is out in the wild.

Movie Review: The Latest Jason Bourne is Lethal, Precise and Sharp

Bourne is still brooding. Greengrass’ camera is still frenetic. And the saga’s lethal precision is still sharp.

Movie Review: Only Margot Robbie Gets a Thumbs Up in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is more a trailer than a movie, writes Jake Coyle, panning the new addition to the DC-verse.

Goodbye Password Hello Iris-Scanners

The latest Samsung phone is the first device in the world which will have both Fingerprint and Iris scanners.

Google Lets Kids Explore The Himalayas as The Yeti

The app for kids is a fun way to explore the highest mountain range in the world.

The Audi S5: A Racer With Room For 4

The Audi A5 is a sedan that offers you a sporty drive along with luxury.