The Crow Remake Finally Has a Lead

A legendary graphic novel character is back

Female Ghostbusters Director Adresses Early Critics

The all female 'Busters already has troll critics, big surprise

Fans Demand a Reboot of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Fans put together petition that has nearly 150,000 signatures

VCE: The Company Known for Consistency Expands Choice

VCE continues to showcase the points that make them different; consistency, a very high focus on customer and user satisfaction, and a level of customer loyalty and advocacy you don’t see outside of Apple.

How A Lack of Technology Knowledge Will Kill The Clinton Presidency

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From Star Trek to Green Lantern

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New Star Wars Books to Hit the Market

Twenty-five titles in all

Tim Burton's Dumbo

Doesn't sound like a good idea...

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Lucy Lawless to Fight the Evil Dead

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Third Tron Movie Reportedly Filming This Fall

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Sony Developing an Male Ghostbusters Team Too

The all-female Ghostbusters is coming next July

Big Hero 6 Still Going Strong

#1 in home viewing sales and Disney's third biggest animated title ever

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How to Build a Back to the Future DeLorean

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