‘Most Illegally Downloaded Show’, The Winner is GOT

It is actually a compliment.

Your Smartphones Could End Up as an Olympic Medal

Japan is planning on getting the metal they need for their 2020 Tokyo Olympic medals from old smartphones.

SpaceX's Falcon 9 Explodes, Taking $200 Mil Payload With It

The rocket had an Isreali satellite on board.

Digital Life After Death

When someone dies leaving behind their social media accounts, these legally become movable property, with need for heirs.

At Last, Instagram Has a Pinch-to-Zoom Feature

RIP accidental double taps, you won’t be missed!

Google’s Waze Challenging Uber

Waze, which Google acquired in 2013, offers real-time driving directions based on information from other drivers.

Incident Reporting In The Modern World: How Tech Is Improving Safety

If you’re running a business, you’ll already be aware of the importance of good health and safety practices.

Chris Brown Arrested Again, Released on Bail

The arrest concluded the nearly 14-hour-long stand-off and investigation by police.

5 Features Every eCommerce Product Page Should Have (+ Killing Live Examples)

Many store owners believe that everything is about quality product images, descriptions and a good price. Although these aspects are fairly significant, they are not the one and only to be thoroughly prepared.

12 Tuning Tips For Better SQL Server Performance

Like all critical tech functions, growing servers and databases require regular upgrades and maintenance for superior usability.

ET Could Be Calling

Many voices from the community claim SETI could have stumbled upon an exciting find.

Power and Tech Combined in The New Audi A4

The latest iteration of A4 successfully reinvents the series and has a host of tech features.

The English Have Done It, a ‘Flying Car’

Pal-V One switches from flying to driving mode in just 10 minutes.

Apple's September 7th Event - What to Expect From The iPhone 7

The iPhone 7, a new Apple Watch and a new MacBook might be set to launch on 7 September.

EU Wants Apple to Pay Ireland €13 Billion After It Allegedly Broke Tax Laws

Ireland has said that it disagrees profoundly with the European Commission’s ruling against its tax dealings.

Gene Wilder: A Film Tribute in Pictures

“Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”, “Blazing Saddles” and “Young Frankenstein" were just a few of Wilder's memoriable movies.

Adding Phone tracker to the must have apps for every mobile phone

There are many ways of losing a mobile phone or a smart phone. I am sure everyone will agree. Even when we are at home, many a times it so happens that we are not able to locate our phone and end up calling on the mobile number to hear it ring and hence locate it. People, especially who do extensive travelling by public transport are the most susceptible to either losing their phone or having it stolen. But now you can relax because the daily advancing technology has come up with applications for mobile and smart phones that can help to track down your stolen device. Not only that, if you are...

Benefits of Streamlining Project Management Processes

Budget, quality of deliverables and timescales are the project management's main components.