Google Wi-Fi snooping could lead to class-action lawsuits

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected Google’s appeal that it did nothing wrong when it used Street View cars to tap into unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Silent Circle ships security-conscious Blackphone

New $629 hyper-secure Blackphones were shipped today to people who pre-ordered the Android-based smartphones with beefed up security features.

Facebook toys with people’s emotions

A recent study revealed that people on Facebook exposed to positive news stories tend to write positive things and those fed negative stories tend to write negative things.

Address-based storage is the past: Introducing content-centric storage

We spoke to Arun Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Infinio, about why a content-centric approach to storage is the most intelligent perspective from which to view the future of storage.

Facebook needs to get more diverse

Fully 69% male employees with about 57% being Caucasian, the social networking giant admits that it needs to better reflect the diversity of its audience.

Apple users buy more apps than Android ones

One platform is definitely more expensive than the other.

Google I/O 2014 kicks off with hecklers and killer robots

This year’s developer conference keynote saw a woman heckling about Google lawyer Jack Halprin, and a man with a more colourful critique of the big G.

Why We All Should Support GM Like Our Lives Depend On It

Watching GM do recall after recall is painful but realize they are trying to recover from decades of bad and unethical decisions.

Samsung: good phones but lousy profits

A drop in sales and competitive pressure in emeging markets hit second quarter profits and financials.

Nest wants to take on Apple in the smart home

Most of us live in dumbass homes but Google's Nest Labs wants developers to work with it to make them smarter.

10 things the majority of storage vendors don’t want you to know

The current storage market is sadly largely built on hype and jargon. What customers really need are straight-talking, no-fuss vendors to help them get the best storage platform for their businesses.

Mobile app of the day: Pinterest

Pinterest finally pops up on Windows Phone, and in doing so widens mobile access to its universe of ‘pinteresting’ things.

Google Glass news: more memory and new features

With 2GB RAM and a way to view your slideshows.

British ICO reminds wearable users to abide by the laws

The British Information Commissioner’s Office has issued a polite reminder that people need to be mindful of privacy laws when wearing devices like Google Glass.

Google begins to erase the past

Google has begun to comply with a European Court of Justice ruling last May to erase links to sites that contain “inadequate, irrelevant or outdated” information about an individual.