The future of Loki uncertain

Tom Hiddleston is uncertain about Loki's fate.

Konami, the makers of Metal Gear, giving up console games.

Is the Phantom Pain the last of its series?

The “New Girl” is Megan Fox

Sexy Megan substituting Zooey for Season 5

How Many US Government Officials Are Being Blackmailed Because Of Ashley Madison?

Someone is watching everything you do either now or in the future.

The Apple Watch, first opinions

An expensive gadget, not yet where it should be

East Europeans can't let go of XP

Hanging on to Windows XP is making east Europeans vulnerable to hacker attacks

Quantum Cognition, why we make bad decisions

Are the laws of quantum physics influencing our decisions?

The Saturn moon Enceladus could be an ocean world

There could be life beneath Enceladus's icy surface.

Christopher Nolan may be involved in an "Akira" Trilogy

Rumor has it that Christopher Nolan might be reviving the 1988 cult animation movie, Akira

A home appliance that can count calories for you

GE is making a device that can count the calories in your food using microwaves.

Samsung’s foldable phone, Project Valley, could come as early as January

Samsung may bring the first telephone with a foldable screen to the market, a hybrid phone-tablet.

Matt Damon is Bourne again

Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne

Paper airplanes, from the playground to World Records

Drones, World records and World Championships - paper airplanes have come a long way

Harley Davidson is going green

Arnie has to make room for the new generation.

The Cicret behind the futuristic bracelet

The Cicret bracelet could be a smart watch killer.

The seductive mouse

Female mice sing back when they want sex

Space bound GoPro found after 2 years

An amazing story about some guys, a balloon, a camera and a long, long trip through the atmosphere.