What we can learn from the NYSE, United and WSJ glitches even if they weren’t cyber-attacks

Did we just get a rather chilling glimpse into what true, all-out cyber-warfare might be like?

FBI and DOJ threaten tech companies with legislation forcing them to break encryption

FBI and DOJ still frustrated by end-to-end encryption.

Brad Bird's The Iron Giant Gets Another Chance

Heading back to theaters this Fall

Goosebumps is Headed to the Big Screen

Great family scares coming this October

George Lucas Wants to Flee to Outer Space

How did this subject come up?

Official Ant-Man Reviews Are In

Marvel may have an under-stated winner on its hands

Amazon heading to court for suggesting alternatives

Amazon is facing a court battle in California over charges that it violated trademarks laws by suggesting alternatives for watches they don’t sell.

Metalheads Are Healthier Than You Think

Finally people realize it's good for you

Han Solo Movie Officially a Go With the Team Behind Lego

Slated to hit theaters Memorial Day 2018

And Now Here's the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car

And the cast grows bigger

Elektra Officially Coming to Daredevil on Netflix

Where she'll be fighting along with the Punisher

Apple’s next new iThing

Apple has had their PR machine clicking on all cylinders for practically ever and there’s no sign that they are letting up on the gas any time soon.

The BMW i8 vs. The Jaguar F-Type: Which Has a Better Handle On the Future?

Over the 4th of July my Jaguar had a run in with the NVIDIA i8 and it got me thinking about both of these amazing cars.

Pewdiepie Made a Ton of Money Last Year

This guy's got every gamer's dream job

Black Panther Update

And there's apparently going to be some African American hero action in Ant-Man as well

The Terminator's Done

The movie's a big flop in the States, did better overseas

Star Wars Won't Reveal All at Comic-Con

Coming to San Diego this Saturday