RealNetworks unveils founder as new CEO with aim of becoming ‘the video cloud service’ of the next 10 years

Its growth strategy is being led by former CEO and interim CEO Rob Glaser and centres on a plan to cement itself as cloud video’s number one company.

Google back on Europe’s hit list over Android OS abuses

A new case could begin as early as November and the EU has already sent out questionnaires to companies that have worked with Google on Android.

The way we watch professional sport is changing, thanks to ever-improving technology

Modern technology, in various forms, is playing a larger role in all types of sporting competitions and is changing the way that we interact with professional sports.

Making your enterprise video strategy fit for purpose

Michael Ping vice president of enterprise business at Kaltura provides essential insights into creating a killer video strategy for your business.

Laptops are dead, long live laptops: Our passionate fling with the tablet looks like it's already over

According to the consumer electronics retailer, a lack of innovation is crippling the market. More specifically, he believes that manufacturers almost cursed themselves with too good a start.

Facebook mends security flaw that threatened users

Researchers in Argentina discovered the vulnerability, fixed by this month's update, which allowed hackers to cause denial-of-service attacks and run up a user's phone bill through data usage.

Microsoft ordered to turn over Irish emails and ignore European laws

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska has ordered Microsoft to hand over emails stored in an Irish data center circumventing European data protection laws.

Hey, So You Want to See Something Cool? How about the inside of my home in 3D!

Thanks to AMD and Matterport my house is now up on the web in 3D.

Austrian law student sues Facebook…again

Twenty-six year old Max Schrems has filed yet another lawsuit against Facebook, this time it’s about the company helping the NSA spy on users.

Verizon to throttle some subscribers, FCC not pleased

Verizon has announced that they plan to slow connection speeds for some of its subscribers based on the type of plan they have.

Intel introduces family of self-encrypting laptop drives

Intel's new drives will be able to save precious laptop power by providing hardware that is already encrypted.

The Internet of Things: increasing the security nightmare

A new report claims that a couple of security concerns on a single device in IoT can quickly turn into 50 or 60 concerns with multiple devices.

Beats: What did Apple buy for $3 billion?

Today, Apple officially welcomed Beast into the company fold.

2015: the year your Hilton room key is your mobile

Hilton Worldwide is shaping itself up to be a millennial friendly destination at any port of call with an extremely mobile friendly approach.

What would happen if U.S. tech firms turned off the lights?

Countries around the world have been cracking down on U.S. based tech companies for a variety of reasons, but what would happen if U.S. companies began to fight back?

Fitness, dating and news apps rise in UK summer heat

App Annie analytics firm says fitness, dating and news apps see uptick in UK during summer months.

Is Amazon losing its grip on the cloud?

IBM, Microsoft and others are making big pushes into the cloud space but is this really a sign that Amazon is losing its grip?

USB devices can be hacked maliciously

USB devices are ubiquitous: keyboards, mice, headsets and pocket drives and now they have become a potential security threat.