I’m giving away a multi-million dollar idea for free

Last night I came up with a brilliant idea that could make someone very, very rich.

What’s the point of having security cameras if they suck?

We’ve all seen security camera photos on the news and most of them are pretty pathetic.

More Mad Max to Come

Audiences are going mad for the new model Max

Inside Out May Be Pixar's Best Effort In Years

Pixar is finally back

Tomorrowland Reviews Are In

Reviews so far are meh...

How to begin scanning medical documents for your EMR solution for under $500

Why should you switch to an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system? Well, for beginners, it’s the law!

How can you start going paperless for under $300?

Have you ever estimated how much money you spend on paper, ink and electricity printing and reprinting documents?

One step PDF scanning can reduce overhead

The Fujitsu S1500 scanner with ScanSnap software can save time and hassle

Asa Butterfield to Be the New Spider-Man

We at TG are kinda tired of the whole Spider-Man thing, and feel it’s been played out for a while, but that’s certainly not going to stop the Spider-Man conveyor belt from churning out more reboots. So who’s going to be next to don the Spidey-suit? Apparently it’s going to be Asa Butterfield, according to Latino Review and a number of other websites. Never heard of him? He was the child star of Ender’s Game, and he was also in Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. Butterfield is British, and he looks a bit like Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle. He often wears glasses, and definitely looks nerdy and...

Supergirl on Supergirl

Debuting this Fall on CBS

Wanna Have a Drink at Indiana Jones's Bar?

Coming this fall at Disney World

The Self-Driving Car Safety Godsend: Or Why Consumer Watchdog is Full of Crap

There will be an increasingly large effort to stop Self-Driving cars.

Planet of the Apes to Go to War

Title and release date for the next Apes saga revealed

Tomorrowland Shows Us a Much Brighter Day

A more optimistic future at the movies next Friday

M Night Shyamalan May Have a Comeback With Wayward Pines

Can he actually recover from After Earth?

The Simpsons Get Renewed, But Harry Shearer's Leaving

Will this be the end of Mr. Burns, Flanders, and Reverend Lovejoy?

FactQuiz: Happy Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg!

Philosophy, lifestyle and biographical facts about Mark Zuckerberg are in this quiz. Test your knowledge on one of Silicon Valley's most influential figures!