Frank Miller Returns to The Dark Knight

Part III Coming This Fall

Will Ted 2 Deliver?

Hopefully bringing some laughs to the summer season this June

Vinyl Still Going Strong in the Marketplace

Sales are up 260% since 2009

Microsoft stock soars on solitaire announcement

Microsoft shares climbed over 10% today on the announcement that they are bringing back solitaire in Windows 10.

Blackberry Takes Significant Lead Over Apple and Google

Boy that’s a headline I’ll bet you didn’t think you’d see.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Predicts a Dark Future

The darker of technology gets unleashed in November

YouTube Celebrates Uploading Its First Video

One of our favorite websites turned ten years old on April 23

Pacific Rim 2 and World of Warcraft Get New Release Dates

Finally Guillermo Del Toro's gigantic epic gets a follow up

Can the Lego Movie Team Resurrect Spider-Man?

Finally a reboot with promise

Game of Thrones Piracy is Out of Control

Over thirteen million illegal viewings already

Joss Whedon Loved Edgar Wright's Vision For Ant-Man

What coulda, shoulda, woulda been

Metallica Audio Cassette a Big Hit on Record Store Day

The format wasn't exactly state of the art

Thoughts on Tesla’s home battery and Google’s Fi phone service

Today Google officially launched their Project Fi phone service and Tesla just announced an April 30 launch event for their solar-powered batteries for homes.

The anonymous troll

One of the key elements of trolling or any kind of hateful posting is anonymity.

Twitter tries to tackle trolls

Twitter is attempting to curtail the occurrence of cyber-bullying, trolling and promoting violence against others by implementing new policies.

X-Men's Iceman is Out of the Closet

Comics trying to embrace diversity more than ever

Galaxy Quest Series in the Works

A great sci-fi spoof gets a second shot