The Five Reasons Dell Beats HP in the Technology Market

I’m becoming more and more convinced that technology companies need to be led by subject matter experts.

Obama may have doomed net neutrality

Today President Obama urged the FCC to consider reclassifying ISPs as public utilities in order to enforce net neutrality rules on carriers. Unfortunately he may have dashed any hopes that the FCC would ultimately do the right thing.

Despite Drummer's Arrest, AC/DC Vow to Hit the Road

Classic rock eternals certain to rock on

Stephen Hawking Biopic Does Well in Limited Engagement

Eddie Redmayne also generating strong Oscar buzz

Ernie Hudson's Ghostbusters Regrets

30th anniversary is bittersweet for one 'Buster

The Social Network Hurt Mark Zuckerberg's Feelings

Facebook founder is not a fan

Can the Next Dumb and Dumber Fly?

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are back

World of Warcraft Movie Shaping Up

Could this be the ultimate video game movie?

Big Hero 6 News Roundup

Disney could have a big one with this animated family crowd pleaser

The Osbournes to Return

An old school reality TV show rears its ugly head again

Could Jared Leto Play the Joker?

Another Joker reinvention could be around the corner with Suicide Squad

Stripped down version of MS Word is top iOS free app

Microsoft has un-bundled its Office suite of products for iOS users and is now providing stripped-down versions of the applications without an Office 365 subscription.

Virtually everyone knows that texting while driving is dangerous yet 74% do it anyway

New study finds that even though 98 percent of people surveyed said they realize texting and driving is dangerous, 74 percent do it anyway.

Dell And the Future of the Desktop

The Smart Desk could be the future of the PC for everyone and not just workstation users.

Toy Story 4 Is a Go

Buzz, Woody and the gang will be back for more in 2017

Is Cli-Fi the Hot New Genre?

Climate change makes sci-fi more real

The Six Million Dollar Man to Finally Become a Movie

Except now he's the Six BILLION Dollar Man

Star Wars VII Now Has an Official Subtitle

More Star Wars secrets leak