FCC gears up for net neutrality battles

The FCC has officially filed their Title II net neutrality plans with the Federal Register opening the doors to multiple lawsuits.

Tom Hardy Hopes to Play Mad Max For At Least Three Movies

New trailer looks pretty awesome

Guillermo Del Toro Still Hopes to Make His Dark Justice League

Stephen King has raved about the new Guillermo Del Toro film, Crimson Peak, which is a period ghost story.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Hits 25

They had a hard time hitting the big screen, but when they hit, they hit big

Google doesn’t trust Chinese digital certificates

Google is planning to block digital certificates issued by the Chinese CINNIC and their Egypt-based affiliate MCS Holdings

Can Gaming Make You Smarter?

New studies may actually prove this

First Daredevil Reviews Are In

First superhero in the Netflix Marvel series is apparently a winner

Scientology Documentary Going Clear Has Big Debut on HBO

Controversial documentary has over 1.7 million people tuning in

Batman Vs Superman First Trailer to Debut in May

First footage to finally be unveiled

Are you an April Fool? Find out with this Quiz!

April Fool's Day is dedicated to mischief. Do you go all out for April Fool's or is it just another day for you? Either way, we've put together a fun selection of off the wall ideas, but it's up to you to find out if they're true. Take the quiz and find out if you can separate fact from fiction or if you're the April Fool!

Hugh Jackman Will Stop Playing Wolverine in 2017

The actor will leave his best known role in the next Wolverine solo film

New Godzilla Film Coming Next Year

New Japanese and American editions of the big G are coming in 2016 and 2018

AT&T offers $29 discount for your privacy

Well, at least they are being up front about it.

Surface 3: Third Time’s a Charm

The reason it takes three versions to get a new product right is that the first version is a crap shoot.

IBM Creates The Super Digital Crystal Ball

IBM is creating something better than a Digital Crystal Ball because their offering will automatically provide answers to the questions you should have asked not just the ones you did ask.

James Bond Goes Imax

Bond is finally back this November