Resident Evil: The Final Chapter to Begin Shooting

The long running zombie game adaptation's making the last round-up

Fight Club: The Opera?

Did Project Mayhem come up with this?

The New iPod, Apple Should be Applauded for Fixing a Stupid Mistake

I felt the iPod was, at least for folks like me, a better product than the iPhone.

Rooster Teeth to Finally Hit the Big Screen With Lazer Team

Lazer Team could finally be Rooster Teeth's big breakthrough

Has Jesse Eisenberg Already Dug Himself a Hole With the Geeks?

Another strike against Batman Vs Superman

The Last Starfighter Reboot May Happen on TV

With a virtual reality twist

Deadpool Made Ryan Reynolds Cry

Coming to theaters in February

Deadpool Wows Fandom

Could make another left of center Marvel hit

Tarantino Shows Eight Minutes of Hateful Eight at Comic-Con

Tarantino's Xmas gift to the world

Star Wars Hits Comic-Con

Star Wars made a great impression this weekend

The President of Nintendo Has Passed

A giant of gaming died this weekend

Apple taking it on the chin

I’ve noticed a surprising number of Apple-naysaying stories drifting through the ether this past week.

OPM director Archuleta resigns amid govt. data breach storm

4.2 million, do I hear 12? Yes, we have 12 million! How about 18? 18 million? 18 million it is! Do I hear 21.5 million?

Cyber-wars 1: What’s the worst that could happen?

What exactly would happen if some not-so-friendly government actually did decide to launch an all-out cyber-war against us?

Young Gamers Against Gaming Sexism

What young gamer guys and girls want