Sleepless? What caffeine does with your inner clock

It's official, the late coffee disrupts our sleep

The End is nigh - again

Asteroid 2012 TT5 could be the culprit.

The new Pebble is round

Pebble introduces an ultra thin, round smartwatch.

Trump vs. Fiorina: The Three Questions We Should Be Asking

Fiorina worked her way up to CEO of HP from being a secretary. She understands more deeply than Trump how things work in business but business is not government and her success against government is far smaller than Trump’s.

Saturn's mysterious hexagon

Saturn's hexagon storm is still a mystery but scientists are getting closer to understanding it.

Candy for Star Trek fans

A fan is bringing a virtual Enterprise-D to life.

Marvel’s new Black Panther comic has an author

Ta-Nehisi Coates will be writing Marvel's new Black Panther comics

Sneak previews and lousy internet - Life on the Space Station

Asked what's the hardest thing to do in space, Scott Kelly answered :Use the toilet

Apple’s first Android app isn’t winning lots of friends

The droid and the apple, a never-ending war.

A tailored microbiome could be the future for successful diets

Now bioligists can calculate which diet is best for you

Saving General Yang: See It on Netflix Because We Said So

Finding the nuggets of gold in your subscription movie site so that you don't have to scroll.

Snowden has a theory of why we can’t hear aliens

Maybe there is a Galactic Security Agency that forces aliens to encrypt there messages.

Apple’s App Store’s worst security breach caused by Chinese software

Chinese malware has infected hundreds of iPhone and iPad apps.

James Bond, is beer the new martini?

Daniel Craig ends the day with a brunette and a blond

Why you should look forward to HDR TV

HDR, the next big thing after 4K.

Shooting wrapped up on Ghostbusters 3, with a surprise cameo

Ernie Hudson makes a surprise cameo in the new Ghostbuster movie.

Supergirl Villain is an Android

We don't have a good hand with AI, they always want to kill us