Star Wars is Blowin' Up YouTube and Facebook

And Jurassic World is gaining big numbers too

North Korea denies hack attack on Sony

An unnamed North Korean diplomat told Voice of America that it didn’t have anything to do with the recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Remake of The Crow Gets a New Director

Can the legendary goth superhero be resurrected?

PlayStation Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Two decades of gaming magic

Game Of Thrones Game Reviews Are In

Game has another game

The First Star Trek Pilot Was Shot Fifty Years Ago

Gene Roddenberry tried to get the show off the ground fifty years ago

Chicks Dig the Walking Dead

Zombies have come a long way

Cortana pulls 10 of 16 correct picks out of the ether

In a world of meaningless statistics and time-wasting endeavors football has to rank up there as one of the most over-analyzed sports around (at least in the U.S.)

If you’ve got a replicator why do you need luggage?

I’ve always wondered why you sometimes saw people on Star Trek toting luggage when they use the transporter to travel on or off the Enterprise.

Guillermo Del Toro Outlines Dark Universe and Pacific Rim 2 Plans

Famed genre director to return next year with Crimson Peak and more

Source Code Sequel in the Works

Sci-fi sleeper may get another installment

Should There Be More Tolkien Movies?

Can the journey return us back to Middle Earth?

Batman May Be Killin' in Arkham Knight

Will the Dark Knight go against his own code?

Stephen Hawking Would Love to Play a Bond Villain

Hawking volunteers as Bond #24 is about to be announced

Android still dominates smartphone and tablet markets

In spite of the fact that Apple had a very good rollout of their new iPhones earlier this year, Android is still the dominate platform for smartphones and tablets.

Four Disruptive Changes Most Tech Vendors Will Miss

Every decade has its mistakes, often huge ones and virtually no IT vendor is free from them entirely.

Suicide Squad Movie to Shoot Next Year

A much different superhero team up is coming in 2016

Oscar Voters Have to See Interstellar on the Big Screen

Does Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic have a chance at Oscar gold?