[DEBATE] Will Windows 10 be a success or a failure?

Microsoft has made headlines with the news about their new OS, Windows 10. Of course the biggest question is whether or not Windows will be a success or not, and we’ve got a hot debate running right now.

Scoring Miami Vice

Jan Hammer Looks Back on Miami Vice on its 30th Anniversary

The Darkness of Gone Girl

David Fincher Peers Into the Darkest Corners of Life With the Help of Digital Technology

A Female Ghostbusters 3 Is a Go

Dan Aykroyd Finally Getting His Wish and Ghostbusters 3 is a Go

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Jennifer Lawrence is Furious Her Private Nudity Was Invaded

The Flash is a Ratings Winner

The Flash Has Won Over Audiences and Critics Alike

E-newsletters can be a big marketing mistake

Email newsletters seem like a good idea on the surface, however, you should be extra careful about who gets your e-newsletters and what you are trying to promote in them.

Highly-targeted ads may end up hurting all advertisers

Targeted ad campaigns will force all advertisers to start paying the same premium prices that targeted advertisers pay, whether their ads are targeted or not.

I hate playing Whack-a-Mole with ads!

Advertisers are getting more and more clever these days, unfortunately they may also be driving visitors away from sites.

Ted to Do Comic-Con...With William Shatner?

Ted Will Travel to the Land of Geeks, Possibly With Captain Kirk

The Flash is Apparently a Winner

Another Superhero Makes a Strong Debut on TV

Walking Dead Gets a Sixth Season

Right Before It's Debut, The Walking Dead is Renewed

Star Wars: Spoil This and Die

Don't You Dare Give Away Anything About Star Wars Episode VII

JK Rowling Stirs Harry Potter Mania on Twitter

The World of Harry Potter Will Soon Return

Can you use a 3D printer to print another 3D printer?

Sometimes even technology gets philosophical.

Cortana picks 12 out of 15 and no one cares

I’ve been tracking Microsoft’s AI Cortana’s NFL picks because, well, I want to even though no one but me really cares.

Dredd is Back to Fight the Dark Judges

Short Dredd Spin Off Brings Us the Battle We've Been Waiting For

Twin Peaks to Return

The Nineties TV Classic Will Be Back on Showtime in 2016