Supergirl on Supergirl

Debuting this Fall on CBS

Wanna Have a Drink at Indiana Jones's Bar?

Coming this fall at Disney World

The Self-Driving Car Safety Godsend: Or Why Consumer Watchdog is Full of Crap

There will be an increasingly large effort to stop Self-Driving cars.

Planet of the Apes to Go to War

Title and release date for the next Apes saga revealed

Tomorrowland Shows Us a Much Brighter Day

A more optimistic future at the movies next Friday

M Night Shyamalan May Have a Comeback With Wayward Pines

Can he actually recover from After Earth?

The Simpsons Get Renewed, But Harry Shearer's Leaving

Will this be the end of Mr. Burns, Flanders, and Reverend Lovejoy?

FactQuiz: Happy Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg!

Philosophy, lifestyle and biographical facts about Mark Zuckerberg are in this quiz. Test your knowledge on one of Silicon Valley's most influential figures!

From Ex Machina to More 28 Days Later...Maybe

Could a new zombie apocalypse be in our future?

First Star Wars Spin Off Film Gets Its Star

First spin off in the Star Wars universe will hit theaters late next year

X-Men Gets a New Spin Off

The Marvel universe is growing bigger every day

More Mad Max News

Momentum is building for a major summer blockbuster

Verizon and Sprint also caught cheating customers

Faces $158 million in settlement payments and joins AT&T and T-Mobile in FTC/FCC doghouse

10 myths (and some truths) about Apple

Apple has been known to bend the truth a bit, here and there when it came to things like who invented what and when.

Guitar Hero Live Playlist Announced

A pretty eclectic line-up this time

From Selma to Marvel

Ava DuVernay could be the first woman to direct a Marvel film

Eddie Redmayne First Choice For Harry Potter Prequel

JK Rowling will also write her own screenplay

We Increased Inbound Links From Social by over 500% in 4 Months – Here’s How

When you are strapped on people or budget, this automated process works fantastic