Even small industries are using big data

Large corporations, world organisations, and governments have hopped aboard the big data bandwagon, but even small industries can benifit.

Only 3% of engineering workforce is female

Numbers show that IT is one of the worst offenders when it comes to gender equality with only three percent of the workforce made up of females.

Simple hardware tweaks can speed up your infrastructure 60%

Studies show that minor tweaks to existing systems could increase performance by 60 percent with no additional investment.

Intel suggests WiGig maybe the best ‘future friendly’ wireless solution for businesses

According to a recent blog post on the Intel website WiGig (802.11ad) may be the best wireless solution for businesses in the years to come.

Researchers get audio information out of visual data

We see a lot of stuff but this is twisting our melons, man. Mind blowing stuff.

iOS finally gets native Wikipedia app

A month after the launch of the Android app, iPhone users now have a native app for the online encyclopaedia which boasts upgraded features and the promise of further updates.

Nokia looking for Android workers

According to LinkedIn job openings, Nokia is looking for developers with Android experience, is Microsoft's experiment with Android still alive?

Checkmarx launches “Game of Hacks” code security game

Checkmarx has launched a new game for developers that tests their knowledge of common code vulnerabilities.

Aircraft can be hacked in flight says researcher

Ruben Santamarta, a cyber security expert, highlights problems with satellite communication systems that open up planes to hacking.

New Russian censorship law goes into effect

New Russian regulations go into effect, making anonymous blogging illegal and require social networks to register with national media regulator.

Are iOS users more active online than Android users?

A new study from Net Applications seems to indicate that iOS users are more active online than Android users.

It's a street fight and Silicon Valley beats Hollywood

The difference between Hollywood and Silicon Valley is quite simple: Hollywood wants to believe that it cares deeply about our humanity and Silicon Valley would be quite happy to do away with as much of it as possible.

Microsoft sues Samsung over late Android licensing fees

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against Samsung over some late payments of Android licensing fees.

Ace that Google developer interview

Do you have a big developer interview looming? Here are some tips on how to prepare for a developer interview.

Yelp shows first ever Q2 profits

For the first time since its market debut in 2012, Yelp has recorded a quarterly profit that saw share prices rise by 4 cents at the end of trading.

Facebook class action lawsuit has over 11,000 plaintiffs

Facebook's privacy and data use policies have raised the ire of an activist who is leading a Europe vs Facebook campaign.

Twitter has a part to play in higher education

Can Tweeting be a means to learning extending the classroom into the world of social learning?

Obama unblocks unlock on mobile phones

It all began with the public signing a digital petition on the White House's We the People site.