Analytics and the US Presidency? Which Company Will Take the Prize?

In the upcoming 2016 race for the presidency the winner could be the company providing the analytics.

Third Tron Movie on the Fast Track

Filming this fall in Vancouver

Ghostbusters Director Will Also Helm a Play-Doh Movie

Can it steal Lego's thunder?

Star Wars Goes HD

It’s hard to believe that Star Wars isn’t in Hi-Def.

There Apparently Won't Be a Surprise at the End of The Avengers Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron will buck a famous Marvel trend

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge face critics

The new Galaxy S6 and Edge smartphones are finding their way into the hands of reporters and websites and people are trying to find faults.

Galaxys can be bent…if you’ve got a phone-bending machine

Videos of a Galaxy S6 being bent by a machine have gone viral; Samsung’s video of an S6 not bending, not so viral.

Even cheaper Chromebooks on the way

Get ready for a new wave of Chromebooks with prices starting at just under $150.

FCC gears up for net neutrality battles

The FCC has officially filed their Title II net neutrality plans with the Federal Register opening the doors to multiple lawsuits.

Tom Hardy Hopes to Play Mad Max For At Least Three Movies

New trailer looks pretty awesome

Guillermo Del Toro Still Hopes to Make His Dark Justice League

Stephen King has raved about the new Guillermo Del Toro film, Crimson Peak, which is a period ghost story.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Hits 25

They had a hard time hitting the big screen, but when they hit, they hit big

Google doesn’t trust Chinese digital certificates

Google is planning to block digital certificates issued by the Chinese CINNIC and their Egypt-based affiliate MCS Holdings

Can Gaming Make You Smarter?

New studies may actually prove this

First Daredevil Reviews Are In

First superhero in the Netflix Marvel series is apparently a winner

Scientology Documentary Going Clear Has Big Debut on HBO

Controversial documentary has over 1.7 million people tuning in

Batman Vs Superman First Trailer to Debut in May

First footage to finally be unveiled

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