Will the tattoos of the future be nano-screens on our skin?

Tattoo-like-skin; turns your body into a digital screen.

Terrified Grandma is Not Impressed by Self-Driving Cars

This grandmother’s panic inside a self-driving car is breaking the internet.

Here’s What Twitter Pays CEO Jack Dorsey and It’s Not His Salary! 

The micro-blogging site spends the money on his security. 

Facebook to Add News Section To its Mobile App

Facebook may soon add news section, a move that would encourage users to not surf twitter, google etc for the same.

Oculus Reacts to Questions Raised on Invasion of Privacy

Consumers shouldn’t be concerned about an invasion of their privacy when using the Oculus Rift, says Oculus.

Sony’s PlayStation Plans to Discontinue It’s MVP Program

PlayStation’s Most Valuable Player program will end on 18 April.

Watch Out Elon Musk, ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle Is on Its Way

Success of RLV-TD mission will be an important step for ISRO to counter Falcon 9 created by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Apple Continues Feud With US Govt in New York iPhone Case  

Apple wants a judge to uphold a magistrate’s ruling that the govt has no authority to compel the company’s help.

Your iPhone Will Expire in Three Years, Says Apple

US electronic giant Apple has said the iPhones have a life expectancy of three years.

These Awesome Photo Editing Apps Work Like Magic on Your Pictures!

Are you always hankering for the perfect photo? Your search ends with these cool photo-editing apps.

Intel May Cut Thousands of Jobs by End of 2016

After announcing the departure of its two top executives last week, Intel is reportedly preparing to cut jobs.

Tata in Trade Secret Trouble, US Jury Slaps $940 Million Fine

Two Tata companies are accused of stealing software from a company called epic Systems.

Mark Zuckerberg Pays Kochi-Based College Student $700 For Website

The social networking giant reached out to the student and concluded the purchase in a week. 

Twitter Drives Just 1.5% of Traffic to Media Websites: Study

The study by Parse.ly found that Twitter may not be doing as much to disseminate news as previously thought.

Nextbit’s Robin Cloud Smartphone Might Find it Hard in countries like India

The phone runs on Android, offers top-of-the-line hardware but is it meant for users in developing countries just yet?

Time’s up PCs! Consumers Prefer Smartphones Over You

The desktop market has been on a downward spiral for many years now. 

Microsoft Sues US Government Over Data Requests

Microsoft has sued the US govt for the right to tell its customers when a federal agency is looking at their emails.

The new VR sensation - Oculus Rift is all set to hit the market in early 2016

Tablets and smartphones are getting extremely boring and the excitement revolving around fitness watches and smartwatches was also short-lived. Now there’s Virtual Reality . Something that previously seemed to be a science fiction dream has become the next possible groundbreaking technology that is all set to hit the industry in 2016. If you say that Oculus Rift has a lot to prove, that would rather be an understatement. In case the Rift fails to prove itself, it would destroy the virtual reality market at a very nascent stage. The Oculus Rift might seem to be a relatively simple device but...