Hitachi leading the charge of big data ito disease prevention

Hitachi has told the UK's National Health Service (NHS) its proof-of-concept project can save big bucks on type two diabetes treatment spending.

Windows 8.1 Update 3 rumored to delay Threshold

Windows 8.1 Update 2 won't get a Start Menu because that honor is reserved for a planned third update for April 2015 that will also delay Windows 9.

Google I/O news: Moto X+1 photo leaked

A larger display and better specs are hinted at in leaked images of Motorola's next flagship smartphone, the Moto X+1.

Online news consumption outpaces newspapers

TV is still the king in the UK but online news has overtaken newspapers.

Twitter trying out new feature: "retweet with comment"

Is this end of quote tweet. New feature is being tested with a select group of users.

Google Kicks It Up A Notch and Both NVIDIA and Lenovo Win at Google I/O

Google raises the bar for mobile, TVs, cars, and even PCs at this year's I/O conference.

CreoPop 3D pen uses cool inks

CreoPop is a hand-held 3D pen that uses photopolymers that solidify when exposed to UV light, and the inks are pretty amazing.

Aereo loses in Supreme Court

Today the U.S. Supreme Court voted 6 to 3 against Aereo, the TV service that streams over the air (OTA) broadcasts to subscribers.

HTC takes to Twitter to slam Samsung Galaxy S5

The Taiwanese firm posted a photo of its One M8 smartphone on Twitter alongside three band aids that has been recognised as a swipe at its Android rival Samsung.

Mobile app of the day: WPS Office

WPS Office is a free Microsoft Office compatible productivity suite with a range of strong features to tempt you in.

500,000 victims of Dropbox malware scam

Scammers are using Dropbox to hold files hostage by legimitizing malware downloads.

Interflow, a new security platform from Microsoft

Based on the 2008 Microsoft Active Protections Program, the new platform will enable greater direct collaboration and communications between online security providers.

Online transactions to reach $4.7t in 2018

Juniper predicts that contactless payments and mobile transactions will double in value over the coming five years as emerging markets assert more influence.

Unofficial app stores breed malice

You can engage in unsafe pratices and risk behavior with inappropirate partners online, according to McAfee.

Qwerkywriter blast from the past keyboard

Qwerkytoys wants to bring that old-fashioned typewriter look and feel to the modern age of tablets and desktops.