Apple shows new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and updated Mac Mini and iMacs

The latest Apple event has wrapped up and as just about everyone predicted there were few surprises.

FBI head wants snooping laws changed to include encryption

FBI Director James Comey says an old law needs to be updated to circumvent encryption techniques like those employed by Apple and Google.

Intel and Asus Make Another Run At the Modular PC

A tablet and a phone for the cost of a 7” tablet.

Yet another Apple event Thursday

Later today Apple will be holding yet another event to announce yet more iThings.

Welcome Back to Westworld

Michael Crichton's Famous Creation To Return to HBO Next Year

Superman #1 Still the Holy Grail of Comics

The First Issue of Superman Made a Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con New York

Fantastic Four Comics to Discontinue Next Year

Why is the Comic Going Into Hiatus?

Ryan Gosling May Play Doctor Strange

Who Will Take the Title Role in Marvel's Next Blockbuster Franchise?

Christian Bale Back in Play to Play Steve Jobs

Possibly the Best Actor to Play the Mercuial Genius of Apple?

HBO cutting the cord

Today HBO announced that the network is going to offer an online only streaming service next year.

Cortana picks 11 of 15

Microsoft's Cortana is on a roll picking 11 out of 15 NFL games in week six.

Apple/GT secret deal details won’t be revealed until next week…maybe

Earlier this month GT Advanced Technology filed a declaration to a New Hampshire bankruptcy court that may contain details of its “oppressive and burdensome” contracts with Apple.

Frozen eggs - the new Apple and Facebook perk for female employees

Apple and Facebook have announced a new perk for their female employees – they will pay the costs if a woman wants to have her eggs frozen for later use.

Find My iPhone saves crash victim, OnStar fails

California policeman uses Find My iPhone to locate crash victim.

Google slims Android with Lollipop

Google has unveiled a new rev of Android, Android L (for Lollipop).

Could Michael Keaton Win an Oscar For Birdman?

Michael Keaton is Back With Birdman, and He May Win Big Next Year

Gillian Anderson Wants In on Ghostbusters 3

Could the X-Files Great Fight Ghosts in the Third 'Busters?

Mark Zuckerberg Puts Up $25 Million to Fight Ebola

Facebook Founder Donates to a Very Worthy Cause