AMD Wants To Dominate The World Of VR-And They Are Starting Off Big!

AMD is at the Game Developer’s Conference and this year they put on what was likely one of the biggest party events of the show. It was focused on VR and they clearly plan to be a major player in this new gaming arena. For some time AMD has been an also-ran at events like this but, this year, they clearly showcased they want to be a major player and they came out swinging for the fences yesterday. Here are some of my impressions. Capsaicin Apparently Capsaicin is one of the active ingredients in hot peppers and the theme name for the event. Apparently they were looking for the proper balance...

Turn your old laptop into a Chromebook

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100 Brilliant Business Minds

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Pi - not just a piece of cake

A mysterious number that deserves its own day

The Changing Face Of NVIDIA’s GTC: From Graphics And Tools To Thinking Computers

The GTC or GPU Technology Conference put on by NVIDIA is one of the more interesting events during the year but as I prepared for this year’s event it struck me that the evolution of this conference reflects a very real change in what is going on in the technology market. A very real shift from the way we used computers last century and how computer use this century is evolving to be very different. The attendance levels, the speakers, the conference focus all reflect that the emerging world of technology is a very different beast. Let’s explore that a little bit. Growth Spurt First in terms...

Lenovo + Juniper: Leveraging the Partnership Model

There are two ways to approach a complex solution opportunity. One is to fully integrate and build it all in-house. This path has been taken by HP and Cisco with regard to the hyper-converged solutions. The other is to partner with vendors whose offerings complement your own, and this is the path that Lenovo and Juniper Networks are on. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, then conclude with some comments on the Lenovo/Juniper effort. Fully integrated The advantages to building a complex solution in house have to do, at least on paper, with control and cost...

Game of Thrones Season 6 Red Band Trailer

As always, everybody is asking themselves - Is Jon Snow alive?! Maybe.

Backup Software - Review with Giveaway Campaign

EaseUS Todo Backup is an easy to use, well-featured backup software with a reasonable price.

SETI looks for Aliens, Compute for Humanity tries to save the World

Bitcoins are sometimes associated to the dark-side of the web, but they can do good too

PrimoPhoto iOS photo management tool - Promo and Giveaway

PrimoPhoto, a photo management tool for iOS devices.

DARPA has a heart for needle phobics

Having to go to a doctor for a blood test might soon be a thing of the past

Pluto might become a planet again

New analysis of images might help promote Pluto to planet status again.

Hololens: Getting Ready For Something Truly Amazing

Microsoft is releasing Hololens to developers in March and they should have their devices by month end. As part of the announcement they showcased some of the initial tools and games and this got me to thinking about the unusual things this device could enable. Games we’ve never thought to play before and uses that could be truly amazing. Let’s talk about some of these. Hololens + Kinect We’ve played games with Kinect where the Xbox can translate your body into a game controller and capture images but now think about playing games with the Xbox where you were also using an integrated Hololens...

The Dark Tetrad Of Trolling Traits: Are You A Troll?

What do deception, narcissism, psychopathy, and sadism have in common? Together, they form the “Dark Tetrad” — the killer combo of personality traits that psychologists believe may contribute to a person’s ability to enjoy inflicting mental and emotional pain on others. And when you’re online, that sense of everyday sadism contributes to Internet trolling. Internet trolling can take many forms. It can be tame, like a mean comment on a random article online. Or it can be completely sociopathic, such as when Martin Shkreli bumped up the price of a life-saving AIDS drug from $13.50 to $750...

Smart cars, what can you expect for 2020

Cars are getting smarter, safer and greener with every passing year. What will cars be like in 2020? Here are a few educated guesses.

At Mobile World Congress Panasonic Launches The Super Smartphone

I’m not talking about a phone that is super intelligent, that’s coming in a decade or so, but one that is super like Superman is super. I’m talking invulnerability, able to be tossed over a building, and even a form of super vision. You see this week Panasonic launched the FZ series of phones and these phones are designed to be used by Superheroes, well the closest thing we have to them in the real world anyway, I’m talking military, first responders, and those poor abused technicians that have to respond to calls come rain, snow, or Texas heat. While the FZ phones aren’t pretty, they are...

5 ways to finance your startup

Great ideas are ten a penny but transforming them into a viable business is another prospect entirely.

Three Trends in Engineering Education

Three trends are emerging from the top engineering colleges preparing students to be experts in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).