Netflix Talks Next Marvel Series

Jessica Jones could debut at the end of the year

Chris Pine Officially In For Wonder Woman

Captain Kirk to play leading man to the famous superhero amazon

Autonomous killer robots not such a good idea

Over 1,500 scientists, researchers and experts from around the world sign open letter warning of AI arms race

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Video Games Can't Save Adam Sandler

Dude's in trouble

Steve Jobs Movie to Showcase at New York Film Festival

The final verdict will be in soon

WIll Doctor Strange's Ancient One Be a Man or a Woman?

Would make an interesting twist

Our machines will decide who lives and who dies

Autonomous automobiles (not us) will have to make some tough choices

Jurassic World Sequel Officially a Go

Due in theaters 2018

From Bill and Ted to Frank Zappa

Alex Winter to tackle the life and music of Frank Zappa

X-Men and Fantastic Four May Join Forces

Should this happen?

Confusion may be the friend of autonomous cars and IoT

Proprietary protocols, competing formats and chaos may help protect self-driving cars and IoT devices from hackers.

Gal Gadot Loves Playing Wonder Woman

Will the Israel native be the next "it girl"?

Jurassic World Now Third Biggest Movie of All Time

Officially beating out the Avengers twice

Pixels Offical Reviews Are In

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Logan's Run Reboot Back in Play

The original YA dystopian story?

The Launch of Frame: Why Your Next Windows Experience May Be In the Cloud

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Benicio Del Toro Up to Play Villain in Star Wars VIII

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