Qualcomm's President accuses Chinese customers of under-reporting sales

Qualcomm's Chinese customers reported to be short changing company on licensing payments.

Data Integration: The only true provision against cybercrime

Even previously well protected and "secure" industries such as the public sector have realised that they must take extra steps in order to secure their data. Here's how to do it.

Twitter just as white and male as the rest

Twitter has just released their diversity numbers and like Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Linkedin their workforce is predominantly white males.

FCC warns ISPs ‘We’re watching you’

The FCC has issued a new advisory reminding ISPs that they must disclose accurate information about connectivity speeds and services for home and mobile broadband.

Apple riding high on earnings report

In Apple’s third quarter financial statements released yesterday the company announced record revenues and profits.

Microsoft's revenue star is in the cloud

Yesterday Microsoft released their quarterly financial statement and while the numbers weren’t all that great in some segments their cloud offerings are going strong.

Skype on Fire - Amazon Fire that is

Microsoft’s Skype will be available on the new Amazon Fire phone when it ships later this month.

Apple’s iTime wearable device patent probably doesn’t mean much

Apple was just granted a patent for an ‘electronic wristband’ it called the iTime, but it probably doesn't mean much.

I Know Where Your Cat Lives – even kitties aren't safe

In a world of spying, surveillance leaks and advanced analytics tracking our every move, a new website is tracking the locations of a million cats.

Google offers $1 million for smaller power inverter

Google is offering $1 million to anyone who can invent a laptop-sized power inverter.

NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet and The Future of in Car Technology

NVIDIA just launched their new Shield Tablet and it is an impressive piece of hardware.

Forensic scientist drops bomb on Apple iOS security

Forensic scientist and author Jonathan Zdziarski has revealed backdoors, attack points and surveillance mechanisms built into iOS Devices.

PC sales and cloud services may help Microsoft on eve of Q4 earnings report

Tuesday, after the close of market, Microsoft will release their Q4 earnings report and according to the experts things might not be all that bad.

Facebook announces Save – hold that thought

Facebook has rolled out a new feature called Facebook Save that allows users to save items that they don’t have time to read right away.

Identity fraud in the UK reaching all-time high

An interesting infographic from www.creditexpert.co.uk/ shows that British identity fraud is growing and people living in London are almost four times as likely to become victims.

Chrome is draining your battery

There is a bug in Google’s Chrome browser that steals system clock cycles on Windows machines that could drain a laptop’s battery as much as 25 percent faster than any other browser.

68% of employees expose confidential metadata to third parties

A survey found out that large numbers of professionals are failing to remove metadata from emails that reveal confidential company information.

Asimo can now run, jump and recognise voices

After its most recent upgrade, Honda's humanoid robot can run, go up stairs and understand sign language, but there are still few indications as to when the robot will be available to buy.