Why Call Center Staff Should Smile (and How to Encourage Them to Do So)

Studies show that people can tell whether someone is smiling or not by the tone of their voice. They can even hear the different types of smiles.

The New Engineering Entrepreneurship

What you should, but most probably didn't, know about crowdfunding.

The First Smartphone With Night Vision, The Danish Lumigon T3

The T3 is the first smartphone in the world to have a 2K HD Night Vision camera.

Scientists a Step Closer to The Secret of Life

The team made the discovery using the Diamond Light Source, the UK’s synchrotron which works like a giant microscope.

Mitsubishi Outlander Can Be Hacked Via WiFi

The hack allows activating of the climate control system and disabling the anti-theft alarm, among other functions.

Review LG G5

The LG G% is a modular flagship-class device with top notch hardware and close to being innovative

Indus OS, An Android Version Tailored for The Indian Market

The India-based company is primarily focused on making Android simpler for entry-level users.

Facebook Bullying Android Users

Facebook has a habit of dictating what it thinks is allegedly good for us, actually what is good for the company’s ad revenue. We remember how facebook “forced” its users to use a separate app for instant messaging, claiming it was due to high positive response. Now they are doing the same with FB Messenger. Recently Android users who are accessing Facebook using a mobile browser and want to use the Messenger will be automatically (and persistently) asked to use the Messenger app, with the download page popping up every time you click on the Message button. It is worst than when you get stuck...

Don’t wait for the police: plugging holes in your website forms to avoid SQL injection

A cybersecurity researcher exposed serious vulnerabilities in the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office website…and was promptly arrested.

The Empire Attacks Milan Italy

Han Solo, Princess Leila, and a host of other characters performed to the legendary Star Wars soundtrack.

Open up the future of your e-Commerce business with the key social media trends for 2016

Social media is the most valuable tool for the e-Commerce industry.

Range Rover Suing Chinese Copycat

Jiangling’s Landwind is only a third of the price of the Land Rover Evoque.

"i" Next is BMW's New Self-Driving Car Devision

The German automaker has decided do away with their electric car project to focus on making self-driving cars.

Is $14,000 a Reasonable Tag for a "Secure" Smartphone?

The phone has been dubbed as the “Rolls Royce of smartphones” and uses a physical security touch for activation.

The Story of Harry Potter Continues on Stage

The eighth part of Harry Potter is coming to life on stage and the Muggles are beyond excited!

Are Schools Missing the Tech Revolution?

Maybe text books and blackboards are just too boring for the young generation.

Facebook: AI To Detect Hate Speech

The deep learning-based text understanding engine is already being tested on Facebook Messenger.

The Bitcoin Is Bullish, Could It Be A Trend

The Bitcoin is on the rise, both in value and popularity