Time to Recap All (Or Almost All) ‘Game of Thrones’ Deaths So Far

The new Game of Thrones season comes out on 24 April. Time to brace ourselves for more blood, gore and heartbreak.

Five Alternatives to the Exorbitant Apple iPhone SE  

Here are five compact smartphones that you can buy instead of the iPhone SE.

FBI Paid More Than $1 Million to Crack the San Bernardino iPhone

FBI paid the largest ever publicised fee for a hacking job.

Looking Back: The Life of Pop Superstar Prince in Music and Film

The musician has died at the age of 57 in his Minnesota recording studio.

Google’s Alphabet Spells Big Gains for Investors Despite Q1 Miss

Since Page took the helm in 2011, Alphabet created an additional $300 billion in shareholder wealth.

How To Conquer The Property Minefield: Buying Abroad

Property is one of those investments that we all understand. It’s something that we all come across in our lives and, unlike more complicated investments, that means we’re naturally fluent in the language of a property purchase. Buying bricks and mortar is a sound choice and buying abroad can be an interesting prospect too. This is the chance to snap up a property that can either earn you a tidy rental income or act as an idyllic retreat. Yet while the benefits are understood, so too are the challenges. There are a number of practical hurdles you do need to leap before you can get on the...

UNSEEN Pics You Don’t Wanna Miss From ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6!

Here’s a sneak peek of what Game of Thrones season 6 has in store for you. You’ll regret missing this.

Twitter Eyeing Japan for Revenue From Data for Businesses

Twitter has its eyes on Japan, with its 35 million users, to make money from companies eager to use Twitter data.

Magic Leap’s AR Device to Compete With Microsoft’s Hololens

Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) device Hololens will soon have a competitor in Magic Leap.

If Cars Had Sex, This Is What Their Babies Would Look Like!

Hint: they’re awesome!

Here’s All You Need to Know About the Bentley Bentayga

Bentley is known for making some of the most luxurious cars in the world, and the Bentayga is just that.

Netherlands Plans to Shift Entirely to Electric Cars by 2025

Netherlands has proposed a motion in their parliament to ban the sales of diesel and petroleum cars by 2025.

In Pictures: Rolls Royce Nautical Wraith Is Inspired by a Yacht

Wondering why a high-end luxury car looks like a yacht? Rolls Royce asks why not?

After Volkswagen, Mitsubishi Comes Clean About Cheating

The Tokyo-based automaker has said that its employees falsified data for better fuel mileage test results.

Australia Launches New Cyber Security Strategy Worth $180 Million

The plan would be implemented over the next four years.

Stuntman Rides a Bike on a 2 Foot Wide Bridge Railing

At its highest point, the railing is 20ft from the road and less than two feet wide.

Facebook Launches Group Calling on Messenger

The features allows you to add 50 participants to a call.

Soon You Can Earn Money From Your Facebook Posts: Report

Facebook’s user survey hinted at several ways that users can make money through their posts.