Game of Thrones Reaches Record High

Ratings bigger than ever

Cancelled Series Revolution Will Finally Have a Conclusion

If you want to know how it all ends, you'll find out soon

Grand Theft Auto Movie Has Its Villain

Daniel Radcliffe will go up against Bill Paxton

The Churchill Club and The Amazing Stories of Intel Capital and the Silicon Valley Bank

While my concerns about the Tech Bubble were reinforced by the event I remain impressed with the incredible work that both Intel and the Silicon Valley Bank.

Captain Marvel Movie Coming Together

A female lead superhero movie could be ready by 2018

Atari Documentary Available For Streaming

How the great gaming company went down

Joss Whedon Talks Female Superheroes and Hillary

Superheroes no longer a man's world

Guitar Hero is Officially Back

New game will be ready in the fall

Apple needs to do something wacky for a change

Lots of companies like Tesla, Google and even Amazon have proposed some pretty wild things in recent years, perhaps it's time for Apple to step up to the weirdness plate and do something a little more outrageous.

Wonder Woman Needs a Director

"Creative differences"

Game of Thrones Battles Piracy Again

Still one of the most downloaded shows on TV

Ant Man is Finally Revealed

Could be another winner for Marvel

New bill set to gut net neutrality

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder exactly what our elected officials are smoking.

I’m puzzled by the new MacBook

The new 12" MacBook has some cool features and some not-so-cool features but does anyone really want a $1300 ChromeBook?

There's More Harry Potter on the Way, Probably With Eddie Redmayne

While the Harry Potter saga officially ended years ago now, there will be a new story from the Potter universe, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is a prequel. And now apparently Eddie Redmayne is the front runner to star. Redmayne is of course hot stuff right now because of his Oscar winning performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, and according to Variety, Beasts takes place seven decades before the Harry Potter saga begins. This project is set up at the home of Harry, Warner Brothers, and JK Rowling will be making her debut as a screenwriter on this one...

The Dark Tower Now Set Up at Sony

Will the King classic finally make it to the big, and small, screen?