Let’s turn off the Internet

The Internet is evil and must be stopped.

Dealing with drones

What can be done about idiots who use drones to buzz airports or public places or want a better view of a wildfire?

Germany says Facebook users can pretend to be anyone they like

Dachshunds (and terrorists) in Deutschland breath sigh of relief

France wants Google to censor the world

Google politely suggests France should stick a baguette where the sun don’t shine

Can Google Glass Make a Comeback?

Strictly for businesses, may be available for the public next year

Robert Rodriguez Talks Jonny Quest

Shrek screenwriter also working on the script

Game of Thrones Could Go Eight Seasons

There could also be a prequel, maybe

New Vacation Remake Sucks


There Could Still Be Ghostbusters For Guys

The teams could be coed by next year

Star Wars Marvel Comics Selling Like Crazy

Reportedly one of Marvel's Third Biggest Sellers

Windows 10: Ah The Beauty of A Clean Installation

I think you’ll like this OS but especially when it comes on new hardware.

Is the Gambit Movie Falling Apart?

Will Channing Tatum make it to the finish line?

Netflix Talks Next Marvel Series

Jessica Jones could debut at the end of the year

Chris Pine Officially In For Wonder Woman

Captain Kirk to play leading man to the famous superhero amazon

Autonomous killer robots not such a good idea

Over 1,500 scientists, researchers and experts from around the world sign open letter warning of AI arms race

Michael Jackson Wanted to Play Jar Jar?

Could the character be even more ridiculous?

Video Games Can't Save Adam Sandler

Dude's in trouble