There Will Be a Clerks III

Kevin Smith's Hiatus From Movies is Apparently Over

Ben Affleck Doesn't Fear the Geeks Re: Batman

Wanna Criticize Ben Affleck For Taking on Batman? Bring it.

Black Sabbath May Record One More Album Next Year

Black Sabbath May Make One More Go Round Next Year

Can Selfies Help Cure Cancer One Day?

Could Cancer Detecting Technology Be Developed For Smart Phones?

Facebook to start selling you

Facebook announced today that they are re-launching Atlas, a ‘people-based marketing’ tool.

Self-censorship on the Internet

In the U.S. we pride ourselves on freedom of speech and freedom of the press but at the same time we indulge in our own forms of censorship, much of it self-imposed.

Peter Weller Recalls RoboCop and Buckaroo Banzai

Looking Back on RoboCop and Buckaro Banzai

The Last of the Clone Wars

Clone Wars Series Finally Wraps Up

Alex Winter Gives Us Hope For Bill and Ted 3

Encouraging Bill and Ted News?

How the Star Wars Empire Was Built

A New Book Takes a Fresh Look at Star Wars

Walking Dead Still Bigger Than Football

Walking Dead Season Five Is Nearly Here

Gotham #1 in DVR

Gotham Doing Well in the Long Run So Far

Radiohead Release New Album Through BitTorrent

Radiohead Keep Seeking New Ways to Put Music Out In the World

Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane Talk Shop

The Simpsons and Family Guy Come Together

Did Disney Copy Frozen from Yearnings of the Heart? Nope

This seems to be getting a lot of ink and there was a similar controversy surrounding Disney’s animated movie Atlantis and a Japanese anime called Nadia. Nadia had around 39 episodes so there was a lot of content.

Thor Takes On Cyber Criminals

It Takes a Hacker to Track a Hacker in Michael Mann's Next Thriller

Is E-Mail Dead?

The Alleged Death of E-Mail Has Been Announced Again

Bryan Singer Back For X-Men Apocalypse

Director Bryan Singer Will Be Back For the Next X-Men Film