Apple elitism: expanding the economic digital rift

As the years have gone by it has become apparent that Apple is primarily interested in producing upscale (and up-priced) versions of products that only an elite few can afford

FCC not backing down on Title 2

The FCC has denied a request from major telecos and cable companies to delay the implementation of their plan to reclassify them under Title 2

What you need to know about servers (if you aren't an IT guy)

We talked to Soroush Madjzoob, co-founder of The Other Guys, and asked him some straightforward questions about buying server and network equipment

Self-driving vehicles – fear on wheels?

Are we really ready for self-driving planes, trains and automobiles?

Star Wars Tech Comes True

"Help me're my only hope..."

First Image From The Hateful Eight Revealed

Director's latest is a violent western

Nintendo Attractions Coming to Universal

The company is also in profit for the first time since 2011

Court rules NSA bulk phone snooping illegal

Penalty phase scheduled for day after hell freezes over

AT&T won’t throttle unlimited data plans…unless it wants to

AT&T has quietly rewritten their terms of use rules stating that they will no longer automatically throttle LTE data plan users…unless there is congestion.

AMD’s Amazing Near Term Future

AMD is imagining a time when we will be surrounded by a lot of things we can’t even imagine today.

The Most Important Metric in Social Media

Why you should be capturing social media data and how you should be using it to make positive changes for your business

Jennifer Lawrence Now in the $20 Million Club

Lawrence is now in the same league as the Hollywood big boys

Enjoying Coffee From Space

Finally you can enjoy a cup of joe in space

JJ Abrams: Jar Jar Must Die

Don't worry, he's not coming back

Supergirl Gets a Full Series Order

CBS gets serious in the superhero game

Joss Whedon Vs Marvel?

Has dealing with the comic giant driven Whedon nuts?

New Star Wars Details Unleashed on Star Wars Day

May 4 was Star Wars day, and a major plethora of information on The Force Awakens has flooded the world. After all, you can only keep a secret for so long.

John Wick Will Officially Have a Sequel

Keanu's going out for more revenge