Google company culture delusional says employee

Avery Pennarun is a software engineer at Google and in a blog post he either lauds or bemoans the company's confidence and smarminess.

Apple CEO and company celebrate at San Francisco Pride Parade

Led by CEO Tim Cook, thousand of Apple employees supported diversity and equal rights by attending the San Francisco Pride Parade last weekend.

Experts optimistic yet cautious about dangers to future of the Web

According to a new Pew Research report, the majority of experts are hopeful about the future of the Web but 35% saw potential problems looming.

Google founders question the 40 hour work week

In a recent interview Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin said that perhaps it’s time to re-think the traditional 40 hour work week mentality.

Apple hires Swiss watch maker sales exec

Apple has hired Patrick Pruniaux, vice president of sales at luxury Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer to help promote its forthcoming iWatch, which is expected to launch in October.

Oculus announces developers conference

Oculus VR has announced the Oculus Connect developers conference scheduled for Sept 19 – 20 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

Desktop PC sales to slip again, but not quite as much

According to the latest Gartner report traditional desktop PC sales will slip again next year but the decline is not as bad as in the past two years.

Anti-piracy hackers turn anti-piracty site into Pirate Bay proxy

Argentinian music anti-piracy campaigner has been transformed it into a proxy of the very thing it hates.

Dragonfly is the latest advance in weaponised malware

If researchers' conclusions about Dragonfly prove even partially correct, it confirms the adoption of tactics and techniques by nation states or their proxy groups in the use of weaponised malware.

Amazon employee goes to Google and gets sued right back

Zoltan Szabadi worked at Amazon and then he didn't. Now Amazon wants to sue him for violating the terms of a non-compete agreement in his contract.

Qualcomm and 2015’s Amazing Advancement in Wireless Connectivity

Qualcomm announced they were buying Wilocity today and with them a major position in WiGig which has the potential of massively increasing the bandwidth to the wireless devices that support it.

Be careful what you wish for. ‘Right to forget’ beginning to backfire

Google has begun removing links to stories that people have requested be removed from search results. But the stories are getting more attention than ever before.

Amazon defends policy on in-app purchases made by kids

Amazon has objected to proposed FTC fines and additional record keeping and disclosure requirements related to in-app purchases made by children.

Canadian antispam law goes into effect

A new Canadian antispam law went into effect yesterday causing a storm of last-minute ‘please opt-in’ emails from legitimate companies to flood Canadian inboxes.

Google chimes in with Songza purchase

While not official yet, Google is reportedly going to pay somewhere between $15 and $39 million for Songza, a streaming music service that specializes in customized playlists of recommended songs.

Microsoft boosts security in Outlook and OneDrive

Microsoft is increasing the levels of security in some of their major products, reinforce legal protections and increase transparency.

Twitter adds #Ramadan and #Eid hashtags for Muslim celebration

Thursday June 26 marked the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar as Ramadan, the month of fasting and Twitter has added new Arabic language capabilities for hashtags.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup uses more data than 171 Super Bowls

The Brazilian firm responsible for Wi-Fi connections inside stadiums says that the 32TB of data already transmitted makes this sporting event the most connected ever.