Sure, Driverless Cars Might Save Lives but Will Kill Businesses

With the current speed in advancement in technology, self-driving cars might be a reality soon.

Apple’s iPhone Sales Are Down; Company Loses Big Money in 2015-16

The company has been sailing on a tight boat with innovation a missing ingredient in their products.

What Makes The 'Perfect' Leader?

There is a distinct difference between a leader and a boss. Lots of people become a ‘boss’ of others in the workplace without having the skills to be a leader. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the traits that make up the ‘perfect’ leader: They trust their employees A leader trusts their employees to get things done and to help them shape the way the business is run. They tell their workforce everything, from the company’s financial situation to any changes that might affect them. A leader is open and honest and expects the same in return. They won’t micro manage like a poor boss might...

Uber Pays $100 Mn to Settle Lawsuit But There Are No Guarantees

The lawsuit had claimed that Uber drivers are employees and thus entitled to reimbursement of expenses.

2016 Beijing Auto Show: Legendary Porsche 718 Makes a Comeback

Porsche has come out with the 718 Cayman, based on the original 718 which won many races for the company in the 60s.

NASA Plans Journey to Centre of Saturn’s Moon to Search Alien Life

The robot will land on the surface of the icy moon, ultimately deploy underwater vehicles into the subsurface sea.

BMW Is Redefining The Future. Prepare To Get Blown Away!

The future is now

The Rolls-Royce of Smartphones Can Be Yours in 2016 for 10 grand

The “most advanced mobile device with highest privacy settings” is being built in a quiet corner in Israel.

The Inside Story of Meryl Streep’s Tragic Love & Loss

A lesser known tragic romance from Meryl Streep’s early life is revealed in her latest biography

Google to Host First Ever Google Play Awards At Google I/0 2016

This year Google’s developer conference will mark the debut of Android N as well.

Arcade look is out, live dealers are the new trend for online casinos

There are two things hardly anyone admits doing online, watching porn and gambling

Why The PC Market Is Soft And Why AMD Should Be Excited

Brian Krzanich, Intel’s new CEO, upon announcing an historic layoff and blaming poor PC sales performance has handed AMD one hell of an opportunity.

LeEco Super Car Is Tesla Model 3’s Electric Rival for the Future

The company has big plans to turn its concept car into a reality.

The dream of Virtual Reality finally comes true – Oculus Rift is all set to hit the markets

Recent reports suggest that the Oculus Rift is all set to be shipped.

First Impressions: LeEco Le 2 and Le Max 2 Are Big But Compact

The latest range of LeEco phones packs powerful hardware underneath a soft design touch.

Volkswagen to Buy Back, Fix Cars Hit by Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen has until 21 July, 2016 to settle the plan specifics with all the parties.

The Need for Biometrics Acceptance in the U.S.

Pressure has Americans asking: how can our nation open its arms to those who want to pursue a life of liberty while keeping out the bad guys?

Car Technology That Has Changed The Way Businesses Operate

Vehicle technology has quite recently bounded into the realms of futuristic possibilities, with autonomous and connected vehicles being tested around the world and smart tech inside new cars providing the driver with everything they could ever need for a smooth journey. But how is this technology changing the way businesses operate, whether they hire their commercial vehicles from Lease Van or own a fleet? Things are getting us there faster The luxury of sat navs allow delivery drivers to get to their end destinations quicker and with fewer detours or missed junctions on the motorway. Of...