10 ways to make IT Helpdesk Operations Faster

It is important that businesses develop a service desk strategy that is aligned with the company’s corporate and IT plan.

Stolen NSA Cyber Weapons For Sale?

Shadow Brokers promised in postings on a Tumblr blog that the auctioned material will contain “cyber weapons.”

Woodstock '69, Moments We Won't Forget

On Woodstock’s 47th anniversary, we bring you 5 of the legendary performances from the August 1969 Festival.

‘Hello’ the New Social Network from Orkut

What makes Orkut’s Hello different from the other social networks?

Review: Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime

Their third iteration of the Redmi series does not disappoint.

QuadRooter: The Android Armageddon That Didn’t Come

It seems that a lot of security companies have found their role models in politicians, fear mongering seems to be good for business.

BMW’s New Ad Mocks Tesla

BMW’s attempt at mocking Tesla falls flat and how!

Rogue One, The Return of Darth Vader

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ is expected in theatres on 16 December 2016.

“Yellowface” Filter: Where does Funny Stop and Racist Start

As far as I know using Snapchat is not compulsory, if you don’t like it and don’t support the maker’s views, then delete it.

Infosys to Fight Attrition with Algorithm

Infosys’ new predictive algorithmic is expected to help the organisation control attrition.

What You Should Expect from Your Digital Marketing Service Provider

Anytime you are outsourcing marketing and web development services, it’s vital to ensure that you are dealing with a company that understands your needs as a small business.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, First Impression

Samsung beat Apple to the market with the iris scanner.

Answers To Basic Questions Regarding Help In Speech Writing

The game of words is the most powerful tool a person can use to pour out his thoughts and ideas into somebody else's brain and thought process.

Cutting the Cable: Watching TV with a Mini-PC and Kodi

Cable TV used to be the best and most reliant method of getting good content on your TV screen. Now it is practically outdated and overpriced, streaming is the new cable.

Review: LG PH1 Lights up Your Room Along With Quality Music

The small-size wireless speaker lets you talk on the phone hands-free as well.

The real cost of robotics

The media’s current infatuation with industrial robots and automated manufacturing has these guys whipped into a frenzy. I know how they feel because I feel the same way.

Reasons To Take Assistance For History Essay Writing

Writing an essay in itself is a hectic job but if one has to write a subject oriented essay then it becomes even a more difficult task.

Is Google Dissing Apple Over iPhones' Storage?

I'll never understand why Apple makes a 16 GB phone, neither does Google.