Dead Rising Movie Adaptation Coming

Another Zombie Tale Is In Production

Fantastic Four Update

Fantastic Four Hopes to Be Another Great Comic Adaptation

Jimmy Page Ready To Move On From Zeppelin

Jimmy Page to Put a New Band Together Next Year

Cortana slips a bit, picks 5 out of 13

Microsoft’s Cortana slipped a bit in week four of the NFL season picking five games correctly while missing eight.

Microsoft skips nine, shoots for ten

Microsoft unveiled the latest rev of its operating system today and it will blend elements of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to come up with Windows 10.

Health and fitness wearable designers need to think about women’s needs too

Why don’t health and fitness gadgets track women's menstrual cycles? That’s a very good question.

NVIDIA’s Updated Shield Gaming Tablet Kicks Butt

NVIIDA has stepped it up with their $100 upgrade to their to their $299 Shield Tegra tablet.

Solving the offline issue with low-code tools

One of the problems facing developers using low-code tools to develop business applications is how to handle offline situations.

Interstellar's Gonna Be a Long Trip

Christopher Nolan's Latest Is Pushing Three Hours Long

There Will Be a Clerks III

Kevin Smith's Hiatus From Movies is Apparently Over

Ben Affleck Doesn't Fear the Geeks Re: Batman

Wanna Criticize Ben Affleck For Taking on Batman? Bring it.

Black Sabbath May Record One More Album Next Year

Black Sabbath May Make One More Go Round Next Year

Can Selfies Help Cure Cancer One Day?

Could Cancer Detecting Technology Be Developed For Smart Phones?

Facebook to start selling you

Facebook announced today that they are re-launching Atlas, a ‘people-based marketing’ tool.

Self-censorship on the Internet

In the U.S. we pride ourselves on freedom of speech and freedom of the press but at the same time we indulge in our own forms of censorship, much of it self-imposed.

Peter Weller Recalls RoboCop and Buckaroo Banzai

Looking Back on RoboCop and Buckaro Banzai

The Last of the Clone Wars

Clone Wars Series Finally Wraps Up

Alex Winter Gives Us Hope For Bill and Ted 3

Encouraging Bill and Ted News?