Mini-Moon: NASA Discovers a New “Quasi-Satellite” Orbiting Earth

The tiny asteroid’s size has not yet been established, but it is likely to measure between 120 and 300 ft across.

Gotcha! Hardly anyone reads the articles they share

Too many people are sharing content without actually reading or delving deeper into it, says a new study.

Why IT Specialists are Worried About the Rise of Intelligent Machines

They are all around us and we still really haven’t noticed them, intelligent machines.

Nextbit Robin Review: Is the Cloud the Solution?

This is the first smartphone that focuses on making sure you always have ample storage, online.

OnePlus 3 Review: Learning from Past Mistakes

This is probably the best OnePlus device the company has to offer.

In a World of Spoilers, Who Can #KeepTheSecrets?

JK Rowling tells fans to ‘keep the secrets’ in the time when internet loves to spoil plots for fans

Coca Cola, Nutmeg and What Else You Needed for a "High" Society Menu

The eternal search for a kick, it has always been there and always will be.

128 Technology: All Your Networking Gear Is Obsolete

A new company has rethought how to do networking to address security.

Gearbest Summersale Limited Stock - promotion

It's worth a look, there are some good deals

These Are Some of the Biggest Buyouts in the Tech Industry

A look at the top tech buyouts.

Oops! Facebook Says Sorry for Sending Philippines to War

According to Philippine law, an inverted flag conveys that the country is at war.

Microsoft Introduced the New Xbox One S and the Upcoming Project Scorpio

The latest gaming console from Microsoft will let you play games in 4K at high frame rates.

Playing Safe

For gamers who are dependent on the trustworthiness of a site, proper and transparent security will be essential for the choice of platform.

OnePlus 3 Ad Shows Up in Indian Newspaper with 6GB/64GB Specs

It seems the price of upcoming OnePlus smartphone variant has been accidentally leaked.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Buyout a Bold Stroke

The LinkedIn acquisition is the biggest ever in the history of Microsoft.

Siri Open to Third-Party Developers After Falling Behind the Competition

The opening up of Siri to third party developers will allow users to hail a cab or text using just their voice.

Apple WWDC 2016: iOS 10 for iPhone & iPad, Not for iPhone 4S Users

The latest iOS version will not be available to current users of iPhone 4S.

Apple WWDC 2016: Mac OS 10 Is Called Sierra, Siri Comes to MacBook

The latest Mac OS version is also the first to get built-in Siri support.