Virtual reality: I’m still not convinced

As the release of the Oculus Rift looms ever closer I still have doubts about the viability of VR.

Someday our personal store of big data could end identity theft

The vast amounts of personal data being collected could help us prevent identity or even credit card theft.

Star Wars Episode VIII Will Shoot on Film

The force is keeping celluloid alive

Game of Thrones Creator George RR Martin Doesn't Want to Hear Your Complaining

Being the third most powerful writer in Hollywood doesn't protect you from trolls

Will The Hulk Appear in Captain America Civil War?

Mark Ruffalo's playing coy...

Christopher Lee R.I.P.

A giant of genre cinema has passed

Cyber-crime victims have no legal rights

(because there are no cyber-security or cyber-crime laws)

Porno to Be Shot In Space in the Works

Could this be a reality some day?

Tommorowland is Officially a Huge Flop

Could end up costing Disney $140 million

Jurassic World: Official Reviews Are In

And the verdict is...

Samsung shows off ‘magic’ mirror

Samsung has unveiled 'the industry's first' Mirror and Transparent OLED display panels.

BlackBerry vs. Gartner: How Does Gartner Cover Tech When They Are So Outdated?

Blackberry is pissed because Gartner has ranked them down but who is right.

The Punisher is Headed to Daredevil

The great Netflix series is getting even better

Batman Vs Superman Plot Details Are Here

Can't we all get along?

Halo 5 Guardians Details Leak

Next blockbuster game in the Halo series coming on October 27

Jurassic World Advance Tickets Selling Like Mad

Will the dinos bring in a $115 million weekend?

Victims of cyber-crime: the law is not on your side

If you think the law is going to protect the millions of victims of cyber-crimes, think again