Update on Assassin's Creed Movie

Big screen adaptation of Creed planning to hit theaters in late 2016

Neil Gaiman's American Gods Heading to Starz

Gaiman's great novel heading to Starz after a false start

Game of Thrones Hits Another High

Another ratings record broken

Gawker is Willing to Pay For a Star Wars Force Awakens Script

You'll have better luck getting access to missile launch codes

Jurassic World Devours The Avengers

A new box office record has been broken

Gambit Movie Gets a Director

Will hit theaters the same year as X-Men Apocalypse

The Crow Needs a Crow

Jack Huston has left the project

Star Wars News Roundup

Star Wars Rogue One and the second movie in the series are having some interesting developments

On the eve of E3: remembering a time when the games industry almost died

1983 was a very bad year for the gaming industry.

Star Wars Makes Another Technological Advance

Will shoot with the hottest new hi-def camera on the market

Doctor Strange Has Its Villain

From 12 Years a Slave to Marvel

The Hateful Eight Gets a Date

The film's official release date is...

Virtual reality: I’m still not convinced

As the release of the Oculus Rift looms ever closer I still have doubts about the viability of VR.

Someday our personal store of big data could end identity theft

The vast amounts of personal data being collected could help us prevent identity or even credit card theft.

Star Wars Episode VIII Will Shoot on Film

The force is keeping celluloid alive

Game of Thrones Creator George RR Martin Doesn't Want to Hear Your Complaining

Being the third most powerful writer in Hollywood doesn't protect you from trolls

Will The Hulk Appear in Captain America Civil War?

Mark Ruffalo's playing coy...

Christopher Lee R.I.P.

A giant of genre cinema has passed