Amazon jumps into the 3D printing market

The 3D Printed Products Store is a marketplace for print on-demand products.

Red Shirt Survey: Network Pros don't get no respect

Red Shirt Survey survey finds over half of all network professionals lack job recognition.

Making a great "mobile first" app, the right way

What does it mean to be truly "mobile first, why is it important, and how do you do it right?

Is Apple delaying iPhone 6 phablet on purpose?

According to the latest rumour, the larger 5.5in iPhone 6 delay due to Apple’s sales strategy.

Google gives away 90 days free unlimited music streaming with Chromecast dongle

Good news for those with a Chromecast, or those thinking of buying one – you can now get three free months worth of tunes.

Kaspersky discovers scary new ransomware called Onion

Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab say the new malware is a lot harder to detect that its predecessor, Cryptolocker, as it uses Tor to remain anonymous.

So it begins: Apple/Beats getting sued by Bose

Bose, a brand name audio technology company, is going after Apple's Beats Electronics for patent infringement and they could be on to something.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer helps out the USAA

Big data supercomputing is going to be put its powers to good use helping former military personnel using the USAA website.

Amazon Fire Phone review round up: prototype, first effort, or wtf Bezos?

Amazon is taking a beating this week. It's financials left Wall Street in punisher mode, and its Fire Phone has raised the hackles of the press.

Angry Russia to 'sanction' US tech firms

Russia contemplating legeslative 'sanctions' of its own against US tech companies.

California gov steps into the cloud

Yesterday the California Department of Technology and IBM announced CalCloud , a new technology model powered by cloud computing.

29% of consumers don’t trust retailers to keep financial data safe

New research shows consumers don’t trust retailers to keep personal and financial data safe from hackers.

36% of ex-employees still connected to sensitive data

Study reports that 36% of ex-employees still have access to company data and almost one in ten has admitted accessing a system after leaving.

iPhone 6 launch scheduled for mid-September (probably)

The Apple iPhone 6 launch event is being tentatively scheduled for the second or third week of September.

EU says right to be forgotten is Google’s mess

The EU criticized Google yesterday for telling publishers about removed right to be forgotten links, said there is no such thing as censorship and it was all Google’s fault to begin with.

Google skirts European privacy ruling and causes a stink

Regulators are not happy about Google's handling of "right to be forgotten."

Not managing your endpoints? Then you don't have an IT service desk

Christian Nagele, founder and CEO of CentraStage, talks us through why endpoint monitoring and management is critical to the modern IT service desk.

Make your own breaking news with Reddit Live

The so-called front page of the Internet has launched its own live blogging service which will allow users to receive updates on real world events immediately.