29% of consumers don’t trust retailers to keep financial data safe

New research shows consumers don’t trust retailers to keep personal and financial data safe from hackers.

36% of ex-employees still connected to sensitive data

Study reports that 36% of ex-employees still have access to company data and almost one in ten has admitted accessing a system after leaving.

iPhone 6 launch scheduled for mid-September (probably)

The Apple iPhone 6 launch event is being tentatively scheduled for the second or third week of September.

EU says right to be forgotten is Google’s mess

The EU criticized Google yesterday for telling publishers about removed right to be forgotten links, said there is no such thing as censorship and it was all Google’s fault to begin with.

Google skirts European privacy ruling and causes a stink

Regulators are not happy about Google's handling of "right to be forgotten."

Not managing your endpoints? Then you don't have an IT service desk

Christian Nagele, founder and CEO of CentraStage, talks us through why endpoint monitoring and management is critical to the modern IT service desk.

Make your own breaking news with Reddit Live

The so-called front page of the Internet has launched its own live blogging service which will allow users to receive updates on real world events immediately.

CNN news app and the massive security problem

Zscaler, an information security firm, has found a major bug in the 24 hour news channel's app leaving it vulnerable to attack.

Samsung Galaxy S5 update offers performance boost

A second major update apparently provides a collection of small tweaks to help the handset run that much more smoothly.

How to download OS X Yosemite Beta on your Mac

Apple is inviting regular Mac owners to join the beta testing programme for its next version of OS X and this guide gives details on how to install the first version from tomorrow.

Mobile app of the day: WinZip

If you access a lot of email or shared files on your phone, WinZip can be a vital companion as it helps you get at files which have been compressed.

What’s new with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13?

NaturallySpeaking 13 has reached a point in its development where it really can be a plug-and-go application. Once installed, you should be able to speak directly to it and expect very few errors.

Google Maps feature will let you Explore Nearby stuff

New Google app will offer suggested venues based on context, such as time of day and weather, and will learn the user's preferences the more it is used.

Who needs a smartwatch when you can have smart shoes?

The latest wearable innovation? Smart shoes that can help you navigate around town.

FTC wary of big data in health

With Apple, Google and just about everyone else jumping on the health and fitness bandwagon the FTC isn’t so sure it’s a good idea.

IT budgets set to rise, but not much going for recruitment

IT spending more on new tech to manage the likes of BYOD, rather than employing new staff members.

Qualcomm's President accuses Chinese customers of under-reporting sales

Qualcomm's Chinese customers reported to be short changing company on licensing payments.