The Hulk...the First Time

A look back at the TV classic on the eve of Ultron

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sequel Coming Together

And an interesting cast is taking shape

Tom Hardy Excited About Mad Max

Tom Hardy also excited about Splinter Cell movie

About that Play-Doh Movie...

Will it really be "hilarious" and "big in scope"?

The Costs of Being An Avenger

Even Bill Gates couldn't keep up

Upgrade your existing hardware and save money

Small businesses can save money by investing in some inexpensive upgrades to existing systems rather than buying new gear to replace slower devices.

Dragon Ball is Coming Back

The legendary anime is headed back to television this summer

Where's the Black Widow Merch?

Haven't superheroines evolved?

Daredevil Was Almost a Movie (Again)

All's well that ends up on cable?

Fast and Furious Director Closer to Helming Robotech Movie

We think this could be a good choice

Windows 10 and HoloLens at Build: Nothing Short of Amazing

I’m at Microsoft Build this week and one of the big parts of this event is the showcase of the nearly final Windows 10.

No new time-telling apps for Apple Watch

Apple has updated their App Store Review Guidelines adding a new rule (10.7) that states "Watch Apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected."

Apple Watch confused by tattoos

Some Apple Watch users with full-wrist tattoos have found that the timepieces have trouble determining if they are actually being worn.

Techno-bling is the new fashion

LG just released their new $765 G4 smartphone available with real leather backs, but is it really worth the price? If you're into techno-bling it just might be.

The Six Million Dollar Man Reboot May Be Coming Together

We actually think this could be good

Big Things Are Promised for X-Men Apocalypse

But like Christopher Nolan's Batman, it could be the end of Bryan Singer's vision

Lord of the Rings Cinematographer Has Passed Away

He also shot Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I Am Legend, and Russell Crowe's directing debut