Ant-Man First Reviews Are In

Marvel's got a lot riding on this one

Humans: The Next Great Genre Show?

Is singularity here?

Top Gun 2 May Fight Drones

David Ellison, son of Larry Ellison, is producing

Tomorrow will be a wee bit longer

On June 30th the folks that know about these things are going to add an extra second to the day.

New FLIR One Smartphone Accessory: The Tool That Grants Superpowers

The FLIR One is simply a handy tool that can be used to find a number of problems in your home, office, or even data center.

Wheeler: Title II not slowing down broadband buildout

Turns out that the net neutrality rules haven’t slowed down anyone.

Marvel Studios Talks the Future

Phase Three of Marvel has some surprises ahead

Third Star Trek Ready to Go

Star Trek Beyond to in theaters on the 50th anniversary of the franchise

Yet Another Hoverboard Annoucement

We know, we know...

Chris Pine May Play the Green Lantern

Could Pine inherit the ring?

Ted 2 Reviews Are In

Early reaction is mixed

Terminator Genisys Reviews Are In

They're not good...

OPM's Archuleta insists only 4.2 million records hacked, FBI says more like 18 million

Director of the Office of Personnel Management, Katherine Archuleta sticks with 4.2 million hacked accounts, FBI begs to differ

Oracle Cloud Backstory: Is Ellison an Asset or a Liability?

Oracle, on paper, has made an amazing pivot to the cloud and appears to have a credible offering.

Sony Insisted Spider-Man Be Straight

Those stolen e-mails from Sony have been a gift that keeps on giving apparently, and over six months after the studio hack that left enormous wreckage in its wake, dirty stories still keep leaking out there.

The Rock to Go on a Video Game Rampage

Dwayne Johnson to adapt the 1986 Midway game

Hollywood Reacts to James Horner's Passing

The composer died in a plane crash yesterday