First Made in India Space Shuttle to Launch

ISRO believes that cost of launching stuff into space can be reduced by as much as 10 times with the RLV-TD.

IBM's Ross, Talk About Soulless Lawyers

A law firm has hired an artificially intelligent attorney Ross, to help with its legal research.

Uber’s Chinese Rival Didi is Worth Apple a Billion Dollars

The Cupertino-based company is said to be working on a futuristic car.

Hyundai Developing a Wearable Robot

This prototype is being designed for military and construction purpose in the future.

George Clooney Doesn't Believe in a President Trump

“Fear is not going to be something that drives our country,” says George Clooney

Was Facebook Manipulating its Newsfeed or Not?

Facebook has been asked to respond to “these serious allegations” by a Senate committee.

How AMD And NVIDIA Outperformed Intel

Intel has for much of the last 40 years out performed every other company in their segment but this last cycle both AMD and NVIDIA solidly beat expectations while Intel missed blaming a soft PC market (though it was their ill-advised run at Mobile that really did them in ). Realize that both AMD and NVIDIA are also PC technology vendors. Now one quarter is hardly a trend but it should be noted that there was a huge difference in market focus between these three vendors and Intel got caught making a very common recurring mistake which is why they slid and the others didn’t. And, to be clear,...

Review: Huawei Watch, Cool Looks with a Price

‘The Huawei Watch is a fine looking smartwatch that suffers from the Android Wear syndrome and its price.

Sandisk Gives iPhone Users the Best Chance to Fix Storage Problem

This latest version of the USB drive for the iPhone is slim in size.

VR Experience Coming to Facebook Panoramas

Facebook will turn panoramas on phones into “360 Photos” both on News Feed & the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR.

‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie Trailer, It Does Not Disappoint

The trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed movie is out. It is worth a look.

Cannes 2016 Opening Night in Pics

Get all the red carpet action from the ongoing Cannes Film Festival

Sony G Master Brand Professional Full-Frame Lenses

The new G Master brand includes three new E-mount full-frame lenses for professional photographers.

Google Translate Gets New Features

Google has introduced Tap to Translate on Android to enhance the Google translate feature for users.

‘Hyperloop’ test ride near Las Vegas

Hyperloop will change the way people and cargo are transported.

Nissan Wants the Majority Stake in Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi had admitted to cheating in fuel economy tests and has been struggling, will Nissan’s acquisition help?

Are We Ready for Chatbots?

Are Chatbots going to be the next big thing?

George Clooney Talks About ‘Money Monster’

George Clooney talks about his latest film ‘Money Monster’ and being taken hostage on live TV