9 keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" – Winston Churchill.

Be the app, my friend, be the app

Bruce Lee once said, "Be water, my friend." But then again, dear Bruce didn't have a smartphone.

Chinese antitrust ninjas descend on Microsoft offices

Microsoft has had its offices in China swooped upon by officials in an apparent antitrust investigation.

Netflix buckles to another ISP: This time it’s AT&T

Netflix has been in an ongoing battle of words with ISPs, and apparently they are now paying AT&T extortion money too.

Facebook getting out of the gift card business

Facebook is backing out of the gift card business. Facebook’s Gifts service is set to be discontinued on August 12.

New study measures economic impact of NSA’s spying

A new study from the New America Foundation shows NSA actions are hurting U.S. based tech companies.

Google+: no. Google Hangouts: Yes!

Finally, Google does less evil. You don't need to have a Google+ account to enjoy the wonders of Hangouts.

UK wants to test driverless cars

Showing the can-do spirit that got them through a couple of world wars, the Brits are going to test cars that drive themselves in 3 cities next year.

"Home-grown" mobile vendors cracking European wall

New report shows there may be cracks in Apple and Samsung's stranglehold on European market.

New home buyers say mobile coverage more important than schools

45 percent of new home buyers more concerned about having a good mobile phone signal over anything else.

Asana wants to be the Facebook of business

That's any easy one because one of the founders of Facebook is driving the startup forward.

Windows Phone gets Fitbit app

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 gets new Fitbit app that supports the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit One.

Nintendo's losses mount up: Mario's last stand

Maybe the time has come to admit that the greatest game company of all time has seen its best days.

Yelp adds video capability for reviews

Yelp reviewers will be able to add 3-12 second videos as well as images using a new iOS app. Android version coming along soon.

Better economy may boost going green initiatives

According to a V1 survey, at the first sign of financial trouble, businesses are far too willing to back away from going green.

BSA survey predicts more software auditing

A recent BSA Software Survey estimates that in 2013 $62.7 billion worth of commercial software was being used illegally around the world .

Valuing users: the true cost of doing business online

Facebook's valuation raises the question: is it really worth more than Coca Cola and Toyota?

Chinese hackers pull off Israel Iron Dome hack

Chinese hackers have broken into the computer systems of three Israeli defence contractors instrumental in the construction of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system.