More Spoiler Punishment, This Time For Batman Vs Superman

Spoil This, and Pay Five Million

Minecraft the Movie Gets a Director

Minecraft the Movie is Shaping Up in The Lego Movie's Wake

Interstellar Buzz Building

Interstellar gets the thumbs up from director Paul Thomas Anderson and mabye getting a new genre.

Microsoft’s Nadella pays lip-service to diversity

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella said that the company will address the issue of under-represented women and minorities by implementing mandatory training on diversity and inclusion.

CBS jumps on cord-cutting trend: Are old episodes of MacGyver enough?

Yesterday CBS announced that they will be offering an online subscription service similar to HBO’s cord-cutting announcement earlier this week.

Pacific Rim 2 Planned For 2017

Fans of Pacific Rim Rejoyce, a New Installment is Coming

Gamergate: WTF?!

Who Are the Gamergate Trolls and How Did They Get This Out of Control?

The Book of Life is an Animated Winner

Guillermo Del Toro Gives Pixar and Tim Burton a Run for the Money

DC Comics Playing Catch Up at the Box Office With Marvel

DC Comics and Warner Brothers Announce Their Movie Slate, Including a Wonder Woman Movie

AT&T forced to give back $80 of the $269 million they stole

The FTC is forcing AT&T to give customers back $80 million of the estimated $269 that they stole by routinely charging customers for services they didn’t authorize.

Apple shows new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and updated Mac Mini and iMacs

The latest Apple event has wrapped up and as just about everyone predicted there were few surprises.

FBI head wants snooping laws changed to include encryption

FBI Director James Comey says an old law needs to be updated to circumvent encryption techniques like those employed by Apple and Google.

Intel and Asus Make Another Run At the Modular PC

A tablet and a phone for the cost of a 7” tablet.

Yet another Apple event Thursday

Later today Apple will be holding yet another event to announce yet more iThings.

Welcome Back to Westworld

Michael Crichton's Famous Creation To Return to HBO Next Year

Superman #1 Still the Holy Grail of Comics

The First Issue of Superman Made a Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con New York

Fantastic Four Comics to Discontinue Next Year

Why is the Comic Going Into Hiatus?

Ryan Gosling May Play Doctor Strange

Who Will Take the Title Role in Marvel's Next Blockbuster Franchise?