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BlackBerry Says Goodbye To The Classic Mobile Phone

BlackBerry's sales were down to just 500,000 in the first fiscal quarter this year.

HD to 4K: The Evolution of Technology

The Japan Broadcasting Corporation began experimenting with a high-resolution broadcast in 1964, the US nearly three decades later, the next step is 4K.

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India Raps Search Giants for Allowing Ads for Sex Determination Tests

The ads are in violation of the PCPNDT Act which bans pre-natal sex determination to help stop the decreasing number of girl children in India.

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Challenges That Virtual Casinos Face When Guaranteeing Funds Security

One of the most important parts of running a virtual casino is guaranteeing that player funds are secured.

Controling Your Phone With Your Eyes

GazeCapture gathers data that will help researchers track eye movement to within half a centimetre.

Chris Evans Quits `Top Gear´ After His First Series

Chris Evans tweeted the news saying he gave it his best shot but that it wasn’t enough.

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The movie fails to sustain the iconic character of Tarzan.

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Forget the frontlines, the real battle is fought online

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