NVIDIA Gets Serious With Shield And GeForce Now

Today NVIDIA ramped up their battle to own the performance lead in the set top box market by launching GeForce Now an update to their shield PC gaming service for their uniquely powerful Shield set top box.

iPhone 7 rumors

Chinese bloggers say that the iPhone 7 prototype is waterproof and has a new case.

Yakuza Apocalypse, an avantgardist work of art or just plain stupid?

A new film from the director of Fudoh: The New Generation and 13 Assasins

Russian police investigating Apple’s same-sex couple emojis

The complaint in a provincial Russian city could have broader consequences

Why we want to nuke the Martians

If nuclear bombs don't work we can still redirect an asteroid.

iOS 9 is taking a lot of criticism

The new operating system may not be the best option for older handsets

Observing Earth to help find another Earth

Observing Earth from a distance might help to find other habitable planets.

Sleepless? What caffeine does with your inner clock

It's official, the late coffee disrupts our sleep

The End is nigh - again

Asteroid 2012 TT5 could be the culprit.

The new Pebble is round

Pebble introduces an ultra thin, round smartwatch.

Trump vs. Fiorina: The Three Questions We Should Be Asking

Fiorina worked her way up to CEO of HP from being a secretary. She understands more deeply than Trump how things work in business but business is not government and her success against government is far smaller than Trump’s.

Saturn's mysterious hexagon

Saturn's hexagon storm is still a mystery but scientists are getting closer to understanding it.

Candy for Star Trek fans

A fan is bringing a virtual Enterprise-D to life.

Marvel’s new Black Panther comic has an author

Ta-Nehisi Coates will be writing Marvel's new Black Panther comics

Sneak previews and lousy internet - Life on the Space Station

Asked what's the hardest thing to do in space, Scott Kelly answered :Use the toilet

Apple’s first Android app isn’t winning lots of friends

The droid and the apple, a never-ending war.

A tailored microbiome could be the future for successful diets

Now bioligists can calculate which diet is best for you