Cisco Live Keynote: “Now Is The Time To Kick Some Digital Butt”

This week is Cisco’s big customer event in Las Vegas called Cisco Live , they’ve pretty much taken over Las Vegas this year. Channeling Donald Trump, the show is huuuuge! What makes this year’s event interesting is this is the first pure showcase of their new CEO Chuck Robbins . Already, just as it opens, I’m feeling a very different energy and, strangely, a sense of fun. Technology is the single biggest change agent in the market and Cisco plans to be at the heart of the coming digital transformation. Here is my sense of this opening keynote and what it means to Cisco and to you. What The...

A Spaniard Bought A Nissan On Twitter

Shopping on the internet and using Twitter are two widespread and common online activities. A Spanish Twitter user, Raul Escolano, took online shopping a step further and challenged car dealers to sell him a car only using social media, using the hashtag #compraruncocheportwitter ("Buy a car on Twitter"). A Nissan Dealer ( Antamotor ) answered his call and even gave him a personal real time tour of a Nissan X-Trail using the Periscope app. Escolano also used social media to help with his decision by posting a poll on Twitter, asking his followers to rate the models he had shortlisted. The X-...

What’s a Task Oriented Password?

All our electronic companions, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop, need some kind of action before they unlock their screens to let us indulge in our god given right of swiping or typing or just stabbing at our touch screens.

Did Clinton Cause Benghazi? The Unaddressed Problem With Her Unsecured Email Server

The latest report on Benghazi found no new evidence of Clinton misbehavior with regard to the disastrous attack on the Benghazi mission. However

How To Best Deposit Cash When Playing Online

A safe and easy method to deposit money when playing online is of essential value to visitors of online casinos.

Does Your SEO Company Offer The Promised Quality?

Most people think that absolutely all the SEO companies do the same work so it does not really matter which one is hired.

Touch Screens Help Paralyzed Chimp Walk

Reo, the chimpanzee, became paralysed after a portion of his spinal cord became inflamed.

Hands On The $4 Freedom 251 Smartphone

What’s to like or dislike about the world’s most affordable smartphone?

Every Mom Will Love Mila Kunis’ ‘Bad Moms’

Why is Mila Kunis a ‘Bad Mom’?

What Can You Do With Ham Radio?

There's more to amateur radio than chatting with a neighbor.

NFL Betting Odds: Get The Edge With Statistics

You always hear of someone winning big on online betting sites, and you ask yourself how did he hit the Jackpot.

What does the future hold for VoIP?

The young VoIP industry still has opportunities for growth.

Twitter Hires Ex-Facebook CTO to Revive Growth

Twitter is going through a major overhaul as many top executives have quit the company in the recent past.

Where To Search For Life Outside Our Solar System

What lies beyond the solar system is said to have the right conditions to support life.

LaFerrari: Not Even There and Already Sold Out!

The Ferrari convertible will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show.

Will Apple Finally Give Up On 16 GB Phones?

In the iPhone 7, Apple is likely to do away with the 16 GB variant.

Samsung Joy Series: A Budget TV With Good Specs

The latest range of TVs are affordable and offer Smart features as well.

BlackBerry Says Goodbye To The Classic Mobile Phone

BlackBerry's sales were down to just 500,000 in the first fiscal quarter this year.