Comic-Con Could Be Moving Out of San Diego

Geek ground zero could happen in Anaheim or Los Angeles this year

From 12 Years a Slave to Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch was in that movie too

Debate: Space Exploration or Earth Preservation?

Should we focus on advancing our space technology or is it more important to take action to save the planet?

Microsoft Voldemort (Hololens) and Windows 10: The Super-Secret Product That Can’t Be Mentioned

One of the best kept secrets in Microsoft was demonstrated inside the company.

Simon Pegg Working On Star Trek 3 Script

Scotty will give the screenplay a good once over

X-Files Could Be Back Very Soon

Many still want to believe

Sinister Six and Suicide Squad News

Will Spider-Man's famous villain team make it to the big screen?

Star Wars the Force Awakens Will Go Its Own Way

Lucas's initial outline plans are out

Steve Jobs's Garage Days Revisited

Going back to where Apple all began

Blackhat Tanks at the Box Office

American Sniper beat the hell out of all competiton at the box office

Fifty Shades of Grey Breaking Advance Ticket Sales Records

Sexy big screen adaptation already making history

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Apparently Out of X-Men

Apocaylpse to focus on younger cast

Jennifer Lawrence to Take a Dive

Hunger Games / I Am Legend Helmer Francis Lawrence Also Set to Direct

What George Lucas Really Thinks of the Star Wars Trailer

Star Wars mastermind finally weighs in

Panasonic ToughPads and Why the Sapphire Revolution Failed

The reason true hardened products don’t use Sapphire but hardened glass instead is they know better, a crystalline product is simply too expensive and too brittle.

Motley Crue's The Dirt Lands at Focus Features

The film rights to the band biopic get sold again