Behind GoT's Battle of the Bastards Scene

The video has a number of featured interviews, including with series co-creator DB. Weiss, and Kit Harington.

IBM Patented a Google Glass-Like Eyewear With ‘Night Vision’

In a low-light environment, the projector automatically projects a low-level red light in to each eye.

Benjamin the Bot Wrote The Script for ‘Sunspring’

This happens to be the first film that was written by Benjamin, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program.

The Star Trek Family Mourns The Sudden Death of Anton Yelchin

The entire Star Trek community pays tribute to actor Anton Yelchin after his sudden and tragic demise on Sunday.

Indian Space Organization Ambitious, Going to Launch 20 Satellites in a Single Launch

The space agency had earlier sent 10 satellites into orbit in a single mission in 2008.

Mini Vision 100 Concept in Pictures: Sexy

If this is what cars will offer, then we can’t wait for the future.

HTC One X9 Review: A Solid Buy for The Price

HTC One X9 features two front-facing Boomsound speakers and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The 2017 Maserati Quattroporte Gets a Stylish Makeover

The upcoming versions of the Quattroporte pack the same engines under the hood.

Sorry Guys! The OnePlus X Sequel Is Not on the Cards

The company will continue to focus on making affordable flagship alternatives.

Mini-Moon: NASA Discovers a New “Quasi-Satellite” Orbiting Earth

The tiny asteroid’s size has not yet been established, but it is likely to measure between 120 and 300 ft across.

Gotcha! Hardly anyone reads the articles they share

Too many people are sharing content without actually reading or delving deeper into it, says a new study.

Why IT Specialists are Worried About the Rise of Intelligent Machines

They are all around us and we still really haven’t noticed them, intelligent machines.

Nextbit Robin Review: Is the Cloud the Solution?

This is the first smartphone that focuses on making sure you always have ample storage, online.

OnePlus 3 Review: Learning from Past Mistakes

This is probably the best OnePlus device the company has to offer.

In a World of Spoilers, Who Can #KeepTheSecrets?

JK Rowling tells fans to ‘keep the secrets’ in the time when internet loves to spoil plots for fans

Coca Cola, Nutmeg and What Else You Needed for a "High" Society Menu

The eternal search for a kick, it has always been there and always will be.

128 Technology: All Your Networking Gear Is Obsolete

A new company has rethought how to do networking to address security.

Gearbest Summersale Limited Stock - promotion

It's worth a look, there are some good deals