Elektra Officially Coming to Daredevil on Netflix

Where she'll be fighting along with the Punisher

Apple’s next new iThing

Apple has had their PR machine clicking on all cylinders for practically ever and there’s no sign that they are letting up on the gas any time soon.

The BMW i8 vs. The Jaguar F-Type: Which Has a Better Handle On the Future?

Over the 4th of July my Jaguar had a run in with the NVIDIA i8 and it got me thinking about both of these amazing cars.

Pewdiepie Made a Ton of Money Last Year

This guy's got every gamer's dream job

Black Panther Update

And there's apparently going to be some African American hero action in Ant-Man as well

The Terminator's Done

The movie's a big flop in the States, did better overseas

Star Wars Won't Reveal All at Comic-Con

Coming to San Diego this Saturday

360-degree panoramic movies could be a reality

Could we use a high-tech, inverse version of the anamorphic art technique developed in the 16th century to make movies?

EU’s anti-trust case against Google is all about money

Doesn’t the EU have anything better to do than try and get a cut of Google’s money?

Michael Douglas Would Love Some More Marvel

Could the legendary actor be part of the Avengers ensemble some day?

Steve Wozniak Weighs In on the Steve Jobs Trailer

As usual, the Woz has his opinions...

Comic-Con Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

The Con is staying put until 2018

Another take on Google’s evil search manipulation

TGDaily's Rob Enderle had some thoughts about how to deal with Google's 'evil' search manipulations, I respectfully disagree.

Sandman Changes Studios

And why it should be on the big, instead of the small, screen

The Reasoning Behind Trolling

Why so many troll

First Image From Ash Vs Evil Dead Is Here

Bruce Campbell's gearing up to fight the forces of evil again

Full Length Steve Jobs Trailer is Here

And it looks like a winner

Why do developers pick iOS first over Android?

There are many reasons developers choose to develop iOS apps first and Android apps second.