For the first time Scientists measure real-world smartphone use.

There is a big difference in how often we believe we use our phone, and how often we actually do

Your head does the talking when it comes to emotions

Robots could better understand how you are feeling by observing your head movements.

The Next Generation Of Wi-Fi and Smartphones: Qualcomm 820 and Mu-MIMO

One of the interesting things in the next generation of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform, the 820 (due out in phones next year), comes with something called Mu-MIMO built in.

Supergirl has landed

CBS’ Supergirl premiered Monday night and ranked second behind The Big Bang Theory, for the young-adult audience. It did well among this fall premieres too, rating first for adults 18-49. The reviews for the show’s pilot were good, with a lot of dinky, dorky and cute going around. Variety called it “a very good, polished pilot”, I am still wondering if that is positive or negative. Deadline said "Supergirl is a bounding, deceptively breezy, and eminently watchable addition to both the superhero universe and to primetime. You should really check out the strong and smart series that finally put...

The ultimate iPhone water test

Now you can be sure that your iPhone can not take a bath

Space probe Cassini taking a cold shower over Enceladus

Cassini will be flying close over Enceladus to take probes from the mysterious water plumes over its south pole.

Ricky Gervais back to hosting the Golden Globes

Not all celebrities are looking forward to his return.

The Nexus 6P has the swagg

Google and Huawei's joint venture is a premium handset worth praising.

Scientology Church in Belgium facing fraud charges

If convicted the Scientology Church could be banned in Belgium

Virtualization and Remote Graphics

From pixel-pushing to web-based app, to cloud paging, now you can work anywhere, any time, on any machine

Are 3D printers and robots the future of construction

The robotic revolution is targeting our construction sites.

Engineered antibodies may be able to eliminate HIV

A promising new approach might be the solution to fighting HIV.

How black can black get?

Black is as dark as it gets but how black can a surface be?

Is Apple recruiting or poaching?

Mission Motors blames its bankruptcy on Apple's "aggressive recruitment".

Lenovo’s Answer To The Surface Book And Their New 27” Tablet

These two offerings clearly showcase that Lenovo is in this race to win.

Nanoparticles, an unknown risk

We know too little about the impact of man-made nanoparticles on our health and the environment

Marty McFly will be arriving today

30 years have passed since Marty McFly got into the DeLorean to visit us today.

Google made its first Chinese investment

After years of tension, Google is approaching the Chinese market again