IBM forges Chinese cloud security deal

IBM will be helping bolster the security of a Chinese financial data firm using cloud-based risk analysis.

BlackBerry's Secure Work Space gets US security clearance on iOS and Android

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 [BES10] can now be used by any division within the Department of Defense after it gained yet another approval.

Sony to launch curved 4K Bravia S90 TV at IFA

Sony has announced that it will launch its first curved 4K TV at the IFA trade event in Berlin next month.

Wikipedia founder brands 'right to be forgotten' censorship "immoral"

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has branded the EU’s Right to be Forgotten ruling as a “deeply immoral” censorship and dangerous step towards the “sanitisation of human knowledge.”

No more Charms bar in Windows 9

The Charms bar - handy for touch devices and akward for mouse and keyboard - is to be removed from Windows 9.

Google Fit SDK preview version released

Wearables are the next big thing in mobile accessories, and while they remain unproven as an opportunity, generating more hype than real world success, fitness and health is seen as a driving force behind their adoption.

Parents ignoring teens: driving drunk and texting

A report by Liberty Mutual Holding, an insurance company, says that, ironically, US parents are ignoring their teenage children when it comes to some serious stuff like not dying while driving.

IBM's silicon human brain: more cat and mouse than human

It's smarter than the average chip according to IBM, and can simulate the brain's neurons, doing brain-like stuff without consuming a lot of power.

Biggest recall of flat screens in the US

Vizio has to recall 245,000 displays because they might just fall over. That's not a good thing.

Samsung press event set for September 3 - Galaxy Note the date

The next Note phablet will be revealed at almost exactly the same time it was last year, with the screen size expected to stay the same, but the resolution upped.

Lenovo teams with Hightail to offer cloud services

Hightail for Lenovo app allows files to be sent, shared, signed and stored securely.

The Timex Ironman One GPS+: A Kindle for your Wrist

Based heavily on Qualcomm’s TOC platform and focused on fitness; the soon to be released Timex Ironman One GPS+ is a fascinating product that for many in my age category may be a must have device.

The future of funerals - video will apps, bitcoins and outer space

Technology offers new twists on ways to deal with death and funerals.

Monkey business costs photographer $16,800

British photographer wants monkey to be considered his assistant and copyright reverted back to him.

Everything is hackable including your car

This week's Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas has given us 1.3 billion passwords hacked, airplanes hackable in the air and now, your car joins the hackable friendly brigade.

Wiki publishes Transparency Report

Wikimedia has published their first Transparency Report detailing requests for information about individuals and takedown requests.

Now it's PayPal's turn: two factor authentication is hackable

An Australian teenager has found a way to get around a security feature that is offered by PayPal to prevent hackers doing just that.

China bans Apple products; Apple keeps giving them manufacturing business

Irony is a funny thing, unless you are Apple. While Chinese manufacturers reap the benefits of making iPhones and iPads, Beijing is protecting its own markets by banning the very same products as foreign threats to its security.