Hand function returned to quadriplegic patient

Surgeons at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have re-routed nerves in the upper arm to restore some hand function in a quadriplegic patient.

Gene therapy dramatically extends mouse lifespan

Gene therapy has been used to increase the lifespan of mice by up to 24 percent - and improve their health at the same time.

Household chemicals 'causing serious diseases'

Chemicals found widely in the home could be causing the big rises in cancers, intertility and other health problems seen in recent decades, the European Environment Agency (EEA) has warned.

Is your smart pedometer dumber than my dumb pedometer?

I thought I had learned my lesson when Jawbone's highly anticipated Up activity bracelet crashed and burned a horrible death last year.

Bionic eye gives sight to the blind

For the first time ever, real-life trials have shown that sight can be restored to the totally blind, thanks to an electronic retina.

Controversial bird flu paper sees light of day

One of two controversial papers describing how the avian H5N1 influenza virus could become transmissible in mammals was published yesterday, after months of global debate.

Man finds female pleasure zone - all by himself!

A gynecologist from Florida says he's finally located the semi-mythical G-spot, an erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina.

Damaged nerves regrown with new implant

British and German engineers have created computer-generated implants that allow damaged nerves to regrow.

Spinal cord bypassed to move paralyzed hand

Medical researchers have successfully enabled a paralyzed monkey to move its hand, by delivering messages from the brain directly to the muscles.

Scientists turn scar tissue into beating heart muscle

Scientists have successfully transformed the sort of scar tissue caused by heart attacks into living, beating heart muscle.

3D printer creates drugs to order

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have created a new 3D printing process that they say could lead to 'DIY drugstores' in the home.

Tech Review: 3 apps to gamify your workouts

One of the recent trends in mobile applications has been the "gamification" of content, which means to literally add competitive or play mechanics and context to various items.

Engineered stem cells kill HIV

UCLA researchers say they've shown that genetically engineered stem cells can attack HIV-infected cells in a living organism.

These nanoparticles attack cancer cells

Northwestern University scientists have developed a simple but specialized nanoparticle capable of delivering a drug directly to a cancer cell's nucleus. 

Gene mapping often fails to predict disease

Whole genome sequencing as a method of predicting disease risks isn't as informative as thought, a study of thousands of identical twins has found.

Facebook linked to poor body image

Facebook is making people even more unhappy about their bodies and may be helping fuel a rise in eating disorders, a new study claims.

Popcorn is good for your heart

Now, here's some good news for a Monday morning: all that popcorn you guzzled over the weekend could have been doing you the power of good.

Cellphone use in pregnancy linked to ADHD

Yet more evidence that cellphones are near-lethal devices; yet more evidence that pregnant women should lock themselves away in an isolation tank for nine months.

Meditation strengthens the brain

University of California Los Angeles researchers have discovered that meditation physically alters the brain, possibly allowing it to process information more quickly.

Red meat consumption linked to early death

Researchers have discovered that eating red meat - any at all - appears to dramatically increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.