Parrot busts owner for drunk driving

So you thought you were really clever teaching your pet to talk. You thought you could celebrate your brilliance, have a few drinks, laugh it up. Your pet parrot didn't think it was so funny and didn't have any qualms letting the police know.

10 insensitive comments about Microsoft exec being appointed fixer

They had to see it coming. I mean, you put a guy from a company that is recognized as the world leader in the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and you pair him with a site that is supposed to provide healthcare for the masses. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Then, refusing to give said fish emergency care.

Cockroaches: the next great growth industry

43 year old Chinese entrepreneur, Wang Fuming, has 6 cockroach farms with 10 million cockroaches. Stay with me, people, don't squirm away. Since 2010 the price of dried cockroaches has increased 10-fold. Mr. Fuming will make you feel pathetic for complaining to your local slumlord. 

Vibrating bike seats!? Bicycling not on the list of banned pornographic pastimes

Apparently, in Britain, there is a sex store that sells a vibrating bicycle seat because, that is the only way anyone will ever, ever get pleasure from sitting on a bicycle seat. Bicycle seats suck. Bad choice of words, but now they massage the nether regions and provide bliss. The world teeters on the edge of an ironic abyss.

Even hunter-gatherers had clogged arteries

Clogged arteries may have little to do with today's high-fat diets or couch potato habits: ancient hunter-gatherers had the same problem too.

App analyzes urine - and, no, you don't have to pee on your phone

A new iPhone app analyzes the user's pee to diagnose a range of medical conditions.

Step toward fountain of youth?

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, say they've been able to turn back the molecular clock by infusing the blood stem cells of old mice with a longevity gene - bringing back the stem cells' ability to regenerate.

Flu set to worsen, thanks to climate change

Americans should brace themselves for earlier and more severe flu seasons, say scientists, thanks to the effects of climate change.

New stem cell technique restores sight to blind mice

Oxford University researchers have transplanted developing cells into the eyes of completely blind mice to re-form the entire light-sensitive layer of the retina.

Video: 3D printed exoskeletons hint at a DIY future

The Pentagon has conducted an enormous amount of research over the years to develop exoskeleton suits that can be used to help soldiers carry weapons and gear.

Is Facebook more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol?

I'm sure we all know people who just can't seem to put down their smartphone and stay off Twitter or Facebook for even a couple of hours at a time.

Are cellphone crash risks exaggerated?

A new study from Wayne State University claims early research about in-vehicle cellphone use may have exaggerated the risks of talking on a cellphone while driving.

Study: Alcohol officially leads to unsafe sex

Be careful with the alcohol this holiday season. Yes, a new study has confirmed what most people have long suspected: alcohol can directly influence a person to have unsafe sex.

Human face transplants evolve with 3D imaging

Remember the cheesy John Travolta-Nicolas Cage action flick Face Off? Well, it seems as if the face transplant technology featured in the film could soon be a reality.

Online hookups blamed for STD increase

The speedy world of online dating may one of the reasons behind an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

Vancouver doctor ordered to stop treating addicts with trippy tea

Health authorities in Vancouver have ordered a doctor to stop treating addicts with hallucinogenic tea or face criminal charges.

Study: Halloween makeup contains heavy metals

A study of Halloween makeup has discovered something horrific: there is heavy metal in some of the products, and it isn't the Megadeth or Kiss kind.

California wants to put GMO labeling on 2012 ballot

California is toying with the idea of putting an initiative on the 2012 state ballot that would require the labeling of GMO-based ingredients in food.